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  1. Hey guys, so this is my vol 1 pk vid, uploaded to youtube instead of vimeo. Gretar wanted me to put it on youtube, and the song ended up causing copyright issues, so finally, here it is, with a new song. Cheers, Dunfuck Vol 1
  2. right, what a fucking queer. Very. All fun and games. 10/10 Whos that randy a 50/50 all in is a dumb way to stake. roasted.
  3. In-game Name: DunfuckwitmeYoutube Channel (URL): www.youtube.com/user/SyncedStyleWhy should we pick you ?: Been playing roatz for over 3 years now. Always pking and recording. Threw some clips together, for a quick little pk vid, and people seemed to like it, so planning on doing a lot more of it. Cheers, Dunfuck
  4. Thanks man, I appreciate that. <3 Much love.
  5. Hey kiddo, let me see your hybridding video? Fucking random ass "forum acc 941". Thanks man! Will do. Thnx dood. <3
  6. Yes, very old. You don't see those names anymore. Had them laying around so thought I'd throw em together. Cheers.
  7. Thanks for the kind words.
  8. Leave me some constructive feedback. Enjoy my friends. Cheers, dunfuck
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