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SLayer/wildy monsters

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i dont think this is a good idea, tiers should Be recieved by pKing not pvm.

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On 9/13/2018 at 4:55 PM, T5 WARLORD said:

possibly add emblems normal or t5 as drops for monsters over 100cb 

I Dont think that's a good idea, if anything, the Wilderness Bosses should be Nerfed in the Droptable and make it harder to get drops, Such as the Venenatis where you can make for example 10K PKP In about 10Minutes if you dont have badluck.

Anyway, RoatPkz is ment to be a PK Server,So i think that we should keep it PK Based and less on PVM Based ways for Money.


- Clemenza.

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