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Pur3s S0n

Bank updates new tools

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I had a few ideas in thought..

1. Bank clear all 0 items
2.Potion to make them all 4s
3.Item destroyer if you need to destroy anything
4.Maybe bank pins or Bankers to talk to and do all this stuff.

if you guys have any ideas drop a comment below

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1. Sure. I don’t see any problem with it.

2. We have a decant crate already at ::repair. There’s no need to decant spawnable potions, since you can spawn them lol.

3. Just use ::empty ?

4. No need for a bank pin. We already have account pincodes, ::setemail. If people refuse to secure their account with an email, it’s their own fault.

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Im not supporting, There already ::repair decant crate, you can place ::setemail to secure your account.


Your risk if you dont use ::setemail.


Mrss King

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