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  1. My resignation was a decision for personal reasons, would do my best to get my hours back and maybe rejoin the roatz family. Wish the employees good luck at the moment and hopefully a good 2023 for everyone.
  2. Happy New Year! Hope everyone is healthy and their hands are still there! A healthy 2023 and hope for beautiful things! KISS MRSS KING
  3. I think gretar would not agree with this, he have to legalize the real world trading also then, so this would'nt work i guess
  4. Nice, intressed guide! Good job - mrss king
  5. Nice hours, Supremium inactive?, Greetings, Mrss king
  6. Nice drops! dude! deserved
  7. What's point of making teleports of all bosses?, To lazy? RUN BITCH!
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