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  1. Offical Skilling Locations Guide For Newcomers Thieving Location Woodcutting Location Firemaking Location Fletching Location Crafting Location Agility Location Mining Location Smithing Location Fishing Location Credits to Goat, Ballscape pk, Aelin, King hoof m8 Do u have any more ideas or answers? Feel free to comment!
  2. mrss king

    Rep Challenge

    uhh what?
  3. haha you funny!, you would receive the 10k my friend! thanks for feedback
  4. Was at greece my friend, would be up the next month! was at greece my friend, would be up more the next month!
  5. This is sick gretar!, Thank you for the sickening work! RESPECT.. Mrss king
  6. Full lose of the whip is correct, Agree with sanfew..
  7. Whats wrong about staking? And i dont help enough?, Mabye you have to check the yell more, I'm answering yell all the time.
  8. Nice video, It would promote pvming ingame! Mrss King
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