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  1. Welcome to Official Roatpkz Untradeable List! Rune Pouch Assembler Dragon Defender Fire Cape Fighter Torso Dwarven Rock cake Fighter,Ranger,Healer,Runner Hat Seed Pod Void Knight Set Elite Void Set Ferocious Gloves Avernic Defender Infernal Cape Ardougne cloak Dice Bag Imbued God capes PS: Spoilers without Information would come soon!
  2. can you help me to fix a bug? when i try to log in it writes connecting to server but it never connects...

    1. mrss king

      mrss king

      hello, you have a good internet connection? try to redownload the client, https://roatpkz.com/download/ 

  3. mrss king


    damn music
  4. Use more chill music next time, but nice video.
  5. 17 + 23 still count more then jblind, goodjob
  6. Edit more with effects etc next time, nice video!
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