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  1. ROFL OWNED by inb4teased (super donator) Go out and get some air. You have 24 hours! /Moved to spam
  2. Embedded it for you. Nice video mate.
  3. I like abusing tesfxye and I Dont Now.
  4. Nice Dragonical claws PK. Maybe hook me some in the #future?
  5. Been waiting excitingly for this one. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did working on it lads! (Get your new rank while it’s on sale!!)
  6. *Add Custom Briefcases To The Dontor Store Or Somewhere Else Not Worth 100k$! Already being added. We have a variety of new items that'll be added in the next update along with new content. *Since We Have Few Useless Commands Such As ::CW / ::FP / ::DICE Leading To The Same Hole... There Should Rather Be A Specific Unique Dice Zone For All The Gamblers! ( Named after me =], ::Kitchen , Could be on lumbridge..) No. Current zone is fine and it's the one everyone is familiar with. If you want your own zone you can donate $10,000 for one. *Add Uber Rank For The Players Who Has 1K$+ In Total Donations With Extra Benefits! New rank already being worked on. *Add BlackJack Option On The Dice Bag And Increase The Value Of It! Sure, if enough people support it. *Add Hot / Cold And Other Random Gambling Options To The Seed Quality! Sure, if enough people support it. * Add few 5-10K Pets Worth To The Donator Store! No lol. Literally no reason to have pets with such low value added to the shop. * Add Toxic Zone For Beggers And Lock Them In A Stupid Box :@# Not sure if trolling or serious.
  7. New items will be coming to the game soon (next update)!
  8. What is an HP Event? An HP Event is a PVP event hosted in the wilderness, usually in a Multi-PVP area, although it can be hosted in areas such as FunPK. These events can only be hosted by Moderators and Administrators. Succesfully winning an HP Event will reward you with the Diamond PVP Key which can be used on a Deadman chest (found near Edge ditch) for various great rewards including Elder maul, AGS, Ancestral pieces & more. The main objective of an HP Event is to deal as much damage as possible. Your damage dealt is equal to your chance of winning the event. The host of an HP Event has a total of 80,000 hitpoints (this can be changed by the host), meaning that per 1 damage you deal, you increase your chance of winning by 0.08%. When the host dies, 1 lucky winner is automatically chosen (like the lottery system). During the event, Bronze-Platinum keys will be dropped on the ground around the host! When are HP Events hosted? HP Events are typically hosted 4-8 times over 24 hours depending on the online Staff members. If you feel like no HP Events have been hosted lately, feel free to private message any Moderator or Admin in-game and ask for one! FAQ Q: Are items lost on death during the event? A: Yes, it is just like entering the wilderness normally. - Q: Will the PVP Key go to my inventory if I win? A: No. The PVP Key will be dropped beneath the host so remember to pick it up! - Q: When are Bronze-Platinum keys dropped? A: As the event progess, Bronze-Platinum keys will be dropped automatically at certain hitpoint levels. - Q: Will the PVP Key appear for anyone else, or just me? A: If you win the event, the PVP Key will only be visible to you for a certain time! - Q: If I'm for some reason unable to pick up the PVP Key after winning, can I receive a refund? A: No. It is your own job to pick up the PVP Key in time. _ Q: Where can I view all the rewards from PVP Keys? A: Nowhere. The droptable of PVP Keys has not been released to keep it more exciting to receive loots! __ People will usually ask me how an HP Event works, so instead of me having to repeat myself throughout the day, I thought I'd just create a quick guide that covers the basics of the event, which I can use to redirect people to. I hope this guide gave you an insight in how this type of event works. Best of luck in your future HP Event participations! If you've think I've left something out, please feel free to tell me and I'll have it added accordingly.
  9. Hello fellow members of the RoatPkz community. The members of the RoatPkz Staff Team would appreciate constructive criticism, preferably in-depth, as well as opinions on their contributions as a member of the staff team from the player's perspective. This will be a monthly announcement topic in order to stay up to date. Please ensure that you are being honest in your input, as this is to help the staff team provide better service and assistance to the members of the RoatPkz community. The current staff team list, are listed below for convenience. Note: Playtime is from the last 30 days. Owner Gretar Global Admin(s) Smackd - Playtime: 10 Hours (+17 AFK) Administrator(s) Legend - Playtime: NaN Fantastic Cx - Playtime: 81 Hours (+77 Hours AFK) JBLIND - Playtime: 21 Hours (+5 Hours AFK) Player Moderator PK Guy - Playtime: 94 Hours (+47 Hours AFK) Rag Bot V1 - Playtime: 53 Hours (+34 Hours AFK) Gied4Life - Playtime: 145 Hours (+40 Hours AFK) A Pixel - Playtime: 93 Hours (+7 Hours AFK) Server Support(s) 4funplayer - Playtime: 69 Hours (+158 Hours AFK) PM2GETBODIED - Playtime: 47 Hours (+49 Hours AFK) Mrss King - Playtime: 32 Hours (+19 Hours AFK) Supremium - Playtime: 27 Hours (+22 Hours AFK) Tuchay - Playtime: 167 Hours (+100 Hours AFK) ___ Demotions Jackthat12 - has been demoted to Normal Player due to inactivity. Kyle Zell - has been demoted to Normal Player due to inactivity. We will be increasing the amount of server supports in-game AGAIN, be sure to apply here if you haven't already! We are mainly looking for people that enjoy playing as well as helping others, playtime of 50+ hours monthly is required, if you're unsure if you have those hours don't worry, just post an application and we'll double check it. To read more, please click HERE! Please note that all feedback should be honest and constructive criticism. All negative and inappropriate comments such as trolling, spam, or unnecessary flame, will be removed without hesitation. Suggestions for current staff members, and even suggestions for potentially new staff members are welcome, but must have valid, well explained reasons alongside the suggestion. ~ Roat Pkz Staff Team
  10. Cocaine 😫

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      Boogar sugar

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       Snort salt if u cant afford cocaine it works

    4. paramingo
  11. Yes, this will be done. We already have a nice idea for an alternative for the PKing achievement cape!
  12. I like them. Will forward to Gretar!
  13. 10k Risk Def Sure. I don't see any problems in adding this. Brew limit cap when picking up wilderness key Yes. Seems like people really want this since it has been suggested a bunch of times already. Boss KC hiscores Something similar to this will be implemented eventually. Maybe after adding a few more bosses. Add Lottery to ::rehab. Atm you can be on rehab but gamble in the lottery. Sure. Add Clan recruitment board to ::daily board at home so new people can see which cc's are recruiting Would be nice to have, but not sure how necessary something like this would be as of right now. Add skilling tab to ::daily board. Give rewards for daily/weekly skill leaders same as how we do with slayer Yes, would be nice to have. Let the skillers compete! Update ::commands to add new commands. Things like ::slayer/::skill aren't there Will be done eventually. Add a ::faq command. With answers to most questions asked often by new players. Yep, this is already being worked on. Just hasn't been implemented yet since we've had more important updates to do. Add a spec tele timer to edge. Will help with rushers/raggers/bad pkers If enough people want this, then sure. Add rev brace and ether to slayer point shop. Would rather have them dropped by Revenants only. There are usually always people selling them through the trading post anyway. Add buyable bars for smithing. Or make it half coal per bar, like in blast furnace. Could add this and make the bars pricy so you don't make any money off of this. Burn PKP for XP. Add more methods/locations for skilling. The lack of variety is pretty boring. Which methods or locations would you like to see? Elaborate please. I think the skilling zone and Resource zone are fine. It's not like people skill because of the locations. Better drops at revs if skulled. Pretty sure it's not a thing on here atm. We've discussed this. We might add a similar mechanic! Add longer ::rehab times. Month/Perm. Have a notification saying it's irreversible so people can't complain to admins about it. Nah. We'd have too many people complaining about getting it removed in the end. It's fine how it is now. Add some skilling methods that are faster but cost money instead of make money. Could do, for the rich ones lol. Buff dlong and dmace spec. They're never worth using over a dds. Would bring more variety to brid/edge pking They've always been garbage weapons. No need to buff them. Looting bag. Yes, this is going to be added soon. IRONMAN MODE. Have a seperate hiscores for it, too. Maybe when more skilling content has been released and there's enough support from the community. An active forums makes the game look more active. Host some giveaways through forums, like discord. I agree that we should make the Forums more active, but hosting giveaways exclusively on Forums shouldn't be a solution for this. Re-Add the poll dude at edge bank. It helps get a sense of what the players want, and not just long term players and people on forums. This was removed due to the lack of use it had. Not enough people actually answered the polls when we had them. Could maybe re-add them and see how it goes. Some very nice suggestions, thanks for contributing.
  14. 1. Yes, a similar system will be added eventually sometime in the future. 2. Not sure what you mean by this. 3. I don't think this would be a good idea. I usually have people asking me how they can find their assigned slayer monsters because they run out of teleports before their slayer task ends. I only see this as favorable to PKers. I know that this is a PK server, but we should still give people that don't enjoy PKing, a chance to actually make money. 4. We could add this to the revenant caves. Similar to how OSRS has it right now. 5. We already have a set of skilling pets implemented, and more will be implemented altogether with the rest of the missing skills which will be added in the future. Pets are for cosmetical purposes and should not give any boosts or effects at all. 6. I don't think we need more skilling areas in the wilderness. The point of the Resource area is to gain an advantage in xp rates and SKP rates over safe zone whilst still having the risk of being killed by PKers. As of right now, not a lot of people use the Resource area and it would therefore not make any sense to add more areas Imo. 7. We have a similar event added already. HP Events that are held by Mods and Admins. Overall some very nice suggestions!
  15. Very interesting. Did not expect cutting magic logs to be that much PKT an hour lol.
  16. Don't mind him. He's one of my fans. On topic: Very nice video mate. Looking forward to the next one.
  17. Welcome to Roat Pkz, Nolzy. Seems like you’ve settled in nicely already.
  18. @Umut Best editor alive.
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