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King Cosmic

Gets Dropped And Starts Flamewar

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So yea,Im pretty new to the server but the one common thing i found in this serv is that 80% of the hybrids in here just spam rage your pm after you drop them or so...

Also Idk why many of them bring up parents just cuz you're better then them.

for example here you go with this screenshots...




So later he starts raging pm so i just ask if I should post the killpic for the lols and he goes all personal(not showing all,pretty disgusting)



    Please fix up your attitude people,it's just a game.

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I mean from the pic you posted it looks like you're the one that started the immature arguing but okey 

lol nah,i dont even say "gf" when i kill some1,i only say it when they say it,maybe he was just offended by my "bow emote" which i did after he died.

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ty 4 killpic want me 2 post on forums :old_smile:

lol oh yea he pm'd "l0l0l0l0l you got no fking proof of killing me so i dont give a single fk l00l"

"come easts" "waiting" 

so thats when i said the post on forums shit lol


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