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  1. @Kihfan55 @Team Selena Gomez How you trying to do this?
  2. When did I ever fight ‘dj’ whoever the fuck that is LOL
  3. Seems like imma have to come back to piss on these randoms graves spartans still shit & cubs just as bad
  4. Imagine being this mad over someone being demoted LMFAOOOO you a klown on folk
  5. Pretty sure I 1 tapped this stupid fucking random Finnish reject at caves LOL
  6. LMFAO yeah your definitely not quitting because your embarrassed of what happen at 44s sucks to see this guy on suicide watch irl being forced to quit his favorite game over not being able to tank a tb at 44s
  7. Awful video hidng your name and show casing you winning tournaments
  8. your cringey as fuck LOL you clan on rsps in 2019 and take it so serious it kills me sitting in your discord and coming back 10 hours later at 5am your time and you arguing with another rsps product about dying on runewild for a mystic set LOL! btw rsps died in 2016 (before you even started pking lol wow) and you random 16 year olds that came out of nowhere.
  9. @Smackd Please do not mute @Root_In_Ts because he hurt your feelings at ::hill.

    Thank you @JBLIND for unmuting him!✌️

    1. Smackd


      Bullied him and the rest of u freaks and logged

      Muted him bc of a report lol but dw he's remuted Jblind messed up 😛


    2. Blood Hound

      Blood Hound

      The rest? Who's that 😳 I don't play the server I'm banned 😭

      And I'm pretty sure everyone blacklisted him + you going afk at home! 

    3. Smackd
  10. You had none I used to bully you lmfao Lol remind me who you are again?
  11. - Most humorous - @raja kredre - Most Arab/foreign - @raja kredre - Shortest temper - @Pyd - Most helpful - - Best YouTuber - - Best Hybrid - @Team Selena Gomez - Best Tribrid - @Dr4g0nb0ys0n - Best Pure Nher - @Backbone - Best Dher - - Most Retarded - @Erca - Fastest Switcher - @viktor - Most underatted Pker - @Persona - Most Chilled player - - Nicest player - - Biggest Duel Rat - @Legend™ - PVM'er - - Player who thinks he's good but is Dog Shit - @SMACKD - The player you would want to see in Max Risk at EdgePvP - @HATxd - Biggest Whale - @HATxd - Bank-stander/switcher - - Most Improved - @jblind - Nerd - @pyd
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