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  1. King Cosmic


    Lolll this happened to me so many times,just X your client and it'll tab your char out but damn it's so annoying
  2. That switcherino guy was me haha was my 1st time ever nhing in a 07 revision but gf
  3. Nice,how do I get those dmm skulls btw?:0 I still only get that old red skull
  4. Oh I'm sorry are we like supposed to listen to that song while reading what you posted so it makes you look like gangster or something?
  5. Thanks mate appreciate it Thanks haha,won't be on alot tho,just for the daily tournaments I guess
  6. Came back after ages and was having fun in the hybrid tournament,came down to the last 4 people,had a strong chance to win it but ofc there are these idiots who just camp mage,like they legit do nothing but mage,and if u go near them they'll do the sotd spec and then start farcasting again/camping mage "Mage Only" and "King barta" were the mage campers out of my 5 opponents I think,don't see the point of this tourny if people can just do the sotd spec and just camp mage till the end to win
  7. King Cosmic


    L0l this happened to me like 5 years ago when I had like 3 hours left to a football tournament,I was so worried and didn't wanna go out with this duck lips lmfao but it healed by itself in like 2hours lol
  8. Alsk x.d songss userman55 pogchamp
  9. Why are you still posting pictures in this thread lmfao not a single person honestly cares about your garbage hybrid performance
  10. You reject I'm not the real king cosmic lmao,I'm just his friend and I make new accounts everytime I play and I've fought your slime patrol account with spawnables welfare and you didn't seem any better lmao,you have no idea what you are doing,all you try to do is spend your 2 ags spec and then tele,you pull ags even if your opponent is in tank and 99hp,it's 2016 and you still cry about "safing" in "hybrid". Just stick to edgeville pking. I've said my piece. Regards, King Leo.
  11. You're talking like making new account will make you any better,and no I'm not downloading the roatpkz client again just to come and fight you amateur lmao I have nothing to prove to you.
  12. Funny how you talk like you're actually close to decent while you're 1 of the easiest hybrids I've faced...Don't talk shit when you can't back it up. Declined.
  13. Alsk is decent lol Mehh 1013 still looks faster tho
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