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Road to Completionist #6: 99 Crafting + Loot

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99 Crafting took me 26 hours, One of the easiest and most afk skills.

it took me longer then it should have to get 99 crafting since i mainly did onyx's, the only time i did zenytes was from 98-99 

this also means that i could have made alot more from the skill if i did zenytes from 89 onwards.

i estimate that i might have made around 110k pkp doing zenytes.



Still made a decent amount of profit. Averaged like 3k pkp a hour doing onyx's, and since zenytes pay out 2x more they are probably around 6k pkp a hour.


Got this a few days ago but was too lazy to post.

currently 87/99 Firemaking which i hope to finish by tommorow or the day after.

Until next time.


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