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  1. Guess they're giving youtuber rank to anyone x:l
  2. finally a video i can watch by you and no aids music
  3. looting bag is pointless tbh. Kill someone for 2 barrow pieces and call it a day and dip
  4. Exactly this as well^^ thanks for mentioning
  5. https://gyazo.com/4fc1c52e1ddb85deb161d3614ddd09d7 Make hybrid kills based only @ ::brid / ::pvp because I know damn well A team or anyone on this list haven't even touch bridzone. They get hybrid kills pking in multizone with barrage. Or atleast make it "singles" based to obtain a "kill" in hybrid @Zezima @Smackd @JBLIND @Fantastic People are obtain free pkp and they're not even hybridding :l
  6. jblind has shit music so his video was shit no offence tsxfe or whatever the name is should of won 3rd and jblind ew
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