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  1. Pure pking is lame only because of this. You have people going for high tiers with 40hp 99all basically maxing out your hp in 2 dds specs. Fix plz they def don't deserve to get on the pure leaderboards
  2. professor smoked for max @PROFFESER19
  3. So as I'm going for 99 woodcutting i noticed that it is VERY SLOW xp. Everytime I click a tree it instantly breaks due to the 50 other people woodcutting. Add more spots for woodcutting yews besides ::skill
  4. Forecaster


    rip personacord
  5. It heals your hp but we're talking about spec + run etc which loading your kit does only hp
  6. Probs a faster method to heal would be good instead of having to go right to one of these health boxes. but it doesn't bother me so
  7. I personally don't think this tells us who's the most fit for staff. But if I had to pick probably @El hook decent list though would love to see shak as a ss again but I think he'd rather enjoy the game then focus on staff right now.
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