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l0ve pking

cant run the game

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when i open the client it just said downloading latest cleint... and if i let it open for hour the same thing if u want give me the email i send a picture i dont know how to send picture here (i redownload java 3 times)

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16 hours ago, l0ve pking said:

i try everything i redownload client i delete from user everthing about roat pkz and still not works i dont now what happen

Hey bro, go into your user folder again:  C:\Users\USERNAME\ 

1. Delete the Roat Pkz folders if they are there (you can keep the screenshot one but delete the others).

2. Download this file: https://gofile.io/?c=RaPFRq and place it in that folder, then extract it in there. Now run the client from your launcher as before.

Basically you will be manually adding the cache instead of letting the client download it. It's a short term fix but I will help you more later to see why the download is blocked

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Oh soz thought you meant the client would open and not load cache. In that problem the update check is failing, (more likely blocked by some software) but you can open the client from this path:  C:\Users\YOURNAME\rpkzclient\rpkz2.jar
I just need to upload the latest cache for you since we just had an update to duel interface so the one I uploaded before is outdated already!

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