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  1. Should not be multi zone, I don't think.
  2. PK Guy

    Whats up.

    Welcome back.
  3. I agree with you in principle but I think it's a difficult one for staff members to monitor and control regarding the giveaways. The yells should fall under existing yell rules I think, or similar to clan chat advertising. I don't know if it's worth a ban, but definitely all official youtubers with the rank should be fair and honest or permanently stripped of the rank. Fake giveaways have been a thing since before youtube vids, in the old days before items could be dropped, people would yell to come to ::party and make people line up for ages before vanishing. At the end of the day it's a free gift, you can't lose what you didn't have, but I see your point about them "stealing" video views and causing trust issues which are having an effect on genuine youtubers. Having said that, please like and share this post, PM me with your name to enter my fake giveaway. Winner from my last post is: me!
  4. Since Slayer is only trainable in the Wilderness and is already one of the slowest 99's, I think the auto-looting of pure PKP is one of the redeeming features of the skill. Having just one spot used for drops is beneficial because it means less trips per task, and more space for food/pots - which will save you from Pk'ers, and even allow you to fight them back. It also means less time wasted selling loot you don't want for PKP you need. If your whole premise for skilling supplies as drops is for money making purposes, in my opinion it is counter-intuitive to add this to Slayer monsters.
  5. The only skilling items not easily available are bars (for smithing). Should be in shops or drops I think. I assume you're thinking along the lines of bosses such as Zulrah, which on OSRS drops a lot of skilling items. It would have been worthwhile if supplies weren't in shops but they are, so there isn't a market for them.
  6. And who might you be?
  7. PK Guy


    Wb Hamito
  8. High quality update as per usual, good work once again mate
  9. Sounds good, doesn't work. I don't FP but moving it to G.E. is a reasonable suggestion. Support for multiple lanes would be good, and with players unable to stand on planted flowers (except while planting). Not a high priority change, but something to think about.
  10. LOL I need to go PK at revs, maybe more noobs like you!
  11. What you mean, just do 40-40 DDS x4 and you will kill them everytime?! But seriously, I'd recommend to ::vote, ::claim, sell that shit and buy Dh' set + G Maul and have at it. More fun and higher chance to kill.
  12. I keep telling you Gym Life account is banned. Not mac banned. Make a new name backed with a new personality.
  13. Staff impersonation! Someone get him
  14. Wow, great activity from the SS team, but seriously lacking from us people with the crowns - except Bot Fantastic of course. I will aim to double my playtime, as xmas hols are approaching, things IRL might quieten down and give me more time to do what I enjoy!
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