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  1. fanboyeee

    Time Is Over

    my guy you quit like 9 times
  2. Pce g, Goodluck w everything. Gotta remember, this shit just a game lol gotta treat it like it.
  3. I think a brew cap would be beneficial for wildy keys or deadman chest only. Some skillers/pvmers (slayer) in the wild tend to have nearly a full inventory of brews which I think is completely fine. I suggest the only way you can use the deadman chest, or pick up a key you can't have over 14-16 brews in your inventory.
  4. Or furthermore, instead of affecting drop rates we could improve the loot given? To increase more profits etc.
  5. I got two corp pets, arcane sigil within I believe 5 kills of each other. I'm currently sitting on 3 corp pets lol
  6. I support King Art for moddy. Also, supreme has been v helpful lately, koodos.
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