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Loot from 481 Corporeal Beasts (+8M PKP)

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Catch me at the Ely reset 2.0



Notable drops:


Effigy ~310 KC (forgot to screenshot)

image.png.46de326ffc2864fa98f14bf00ac6c1a0.png                              image.png.ba0e01741146bd60808300491624244a.png                              image.png.cb696d200d3a56bbf6a4f8c873e5a958.png

image.png.d28c98bb57508585e134b94cfe706cc1.png                              image.png.af34bcc862d5750340812c77efee59cb.png


image.png.05c92be200c8e047cf708bc7f43676bb.png                              image.png.2fc69ed367a1bd693cd5a71a46a40508.png                               image.png.75e7c044dee8bdb2392481231909b810.png

As a follow-up to




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Monster Crates screenshot
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