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  1. No, I made platebodies with the second method I mentioned. I was first to 99 Smithing and, at the time, the Resource Area was way too active to smelt Iron bars in for any reasonable length of time (especially given I'm not in any CC). The first player to max, "Ty For 07", did do Iron bars in the Resource Area all the way to 99 (he had protection) and said the XP/hr was comparable to my method - still slow, but substantially more relaxed/AFK-able.
  2. This has been suggested numerous times, including ways to effectively implement it in the current skilling system. If it's not been updated by now, I honestly don't expect it will be until a major skilling update rolls around. Your best option for training smithing, presuming nothing has changed since I got 99, is to: (1) smelt Iron bars in the Resource Area or the Donator Dungeon, or (2) smelt bars and make platebodies. I, personally, smelted bars on the Skilling Island (the Donator Island bank chest/furnace spot is marginally better now) and smithed them into platebodies at the anvil nearby the Dareeyak teleport in the Wilderness.
  3. nice man wasn't a fan of the filter or that screen shake; you've got very clean clips, so simple editing with some sync is all you need imo good stuff tho, love to see a pure nh vid
  4. Aelin


    my uni just pulled the plug on everything, even exams are to be held online (somehow), so I'm off home in a few days for the next... 6 months, I guess pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetimes, but it will blow over; in the meantime, stay safe
  5. my bank's organisation is once more fucked solid update, Mr Gretar
  6. he said he "ain't been killed // by a boobs" which is true, that kp is on (presumably) your main/previous account. you show him proof, he acknowledges and doesn't care... seems reasonable to me, mate solid kill tho
  7. BH store items are merched to hell, so keeping the orbs out of there is good. Putting them in the LMS store could revitalize the minigame, but if it dies again despite the orbs addition, they really ought be added elsewhere also. Also, those prices seem a bit overboard. I'd prefer the Nightmare staff in the pkp store; just to make it less of a hassle to buy. Ignoring that you can't bash to any effect, it really isn't much worse than sotd/variants so, given you can add the orbs, it shouldn't be less than 2.5k. More than 2.5k, though, and very few people will bother using it w/o an orb since it's just fashion honestly. Inquisitor's mace being 15k in the BH store, following the rapier/saeldor, is good. Inquisitor's armour is over-priced, in my opinion, it's not that good. I can't see any mains using it since Bandos is 2k and no average zerk player on roat is going to skull up in that risk. It needs to be reduced in price or it's just dead content for people to look at in their bank. +1 to Justiciar being severely reduced in price, it's already got fairly limited uses on OSRS let alone roat.
  8. second barrage was 1t early and looks like he had auto-retaliate on, too, lmao
  9. That's called being let off with a "warning", mate. Would you prefer he simply muted you off the bat?
  10. Reportedly, Iran said they will not launch any missiles provided the US doesn't retaliate; latest reports state 4 of 15 missiles failed in flight and the remaining 11 resulted in 0 US casualties - having been tracked by base radar allowing personnel to make it to cover. That's all to be taken with a pinch of salt. Hopefully, the US tries to deescalate. update: We shall see what the orange man has to say tomorrow.
  11. go back to school and learn maths lmfao
  12. merry xmas to you, too, mate
  13. meme looking fucking raw, I expect nino is behind it
  14. Roat Pkz Awards - Most humorous - @Hatcx @Tupac @Smackd - Most Arab/foreign - @l DONT NOW @roat santa - Shortest temper - @Smackd @Andrew - Most helpful - @Isaiah @PK Guy @Fantastic - Best YouTuber - @Isaiah @JBLIND @Fewb - Best Hybrid - @JBLIND - Best Tribrid - @JBLIND - Best Pure Nher - @Tupac - Best Dher - @VPVP - Most Retarded - @goku ssj - Fastest Switcher - ahkers - Most underrated Pker - @Killbob - Most Chilled player - @Stewy @Killbob - Nicest player - @Killbob @Fruitiest and @Hemmi80 (for asking about ToG) - Biggest Duel Rat - @bank00 @Gied4life @Fewb - PVM'er - @Fruitiest - Player who thinks he's good but is Dog Shit - majority of the server lmao - Player who needs to learn to log off of Roat - @Fruitiest - LMS sweat - never played roat lms - The person most likely to Backstab / BS you - @Ty For 07 - The player you would want to see in Max Risk at EdgePvP - as if I go to edgepvp, c'mon - Biggest Whale - @SMITE PKING - Most unconfident Pker (Alt Pkz) - no idea, far too many alts running around - Bank-stander/switcher - @Handcuffs - Most Improved - @Adam - Nerd - @Aelin just off the top of my head
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