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New challenge for streamers?

420 b l u e

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Can we as the server agree that there is 2 individuals on this server who think it is acceptable to be bribing viewers to watch there streams a mockery infront of our eyes. I propose a new challenge to those 2 individuals who i think as a server would watch them closely on there challenge with positive feedback. What may that be i hear you ask?. Well a challenge which is quite difficult and rewarding at the same time. I propose them a new challenge here on roatpkz forums. 
The challenge would be a 1 month no bribery challenge to see who is really there to hear they’re voices. I’d think it’d be a quiet interesting challenge and something that has never been done before so id expect some credit due also. I dont want no pkp cause i cant be bought like most of the ppl on here but maybe put some respek on my name - im da real birdman 

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