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  1. Although I don’t play it’s nice to see roat getting updates Good job
  2. Sinister


    Still a bum?
  3. Just like an Arabs brain
  4. So many people care about this post
  5. im hting them, they always have betetr hits in arena
  6. Sinister


    This topics 3 years old my g
  7. Almost like I’ve seen it before...
  8. Thanks for the compliment. Glad ur making the most of your life.
  9. I miss the Meridians

  10. You lost all your bank yet? I need updates I’m invested now
  11. You seem a bit more depressed than I could ever imagine being
  12. Legend is the best mate I ever made, he lets me call him sir denk and we hold hands at the duel arena and carries me on Valorant
  13. Served a pretty hefty 5 year ban. Glad to see Roat is still going strong. How is everyone
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