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  1. Today
  2. lots of fuck niggas playing this shit

  3. last kill was insane loot! nice video brother
  4. staff Close this already we know hes getting no refund.
  5. Gied4life = homo.

    1. Gied4life


      but me no homo?

      me like anime tits.

  6. Yesterday
  7. I've checked my computer instantly, it wasn't a case. That's why i'm asking, i thought there are other ways to find out information. Information of the account* because i haven't noticed any other browsing or leak of other source than roatpkz account.
  8. If you're being keylogged or if you downloaded a RAT, the command "netstat -an" in CMD will show you a list of IPs and ports that are connected to your computer. Your hacker's IP if he isn't using a VPN will be in this list of IPS and opened ports on your command prompt. You could still find his VPN IP though if he has a VPN on. Google more about it, don't really feel like explaining everything here. I recommend you discuss these kinds of things on a hacking-related forums though.
  9. ill put all the clips in next video my sorry brother had to reroll the first one didnt login for days
  10. to enter you know wat to do Subscribe Like the video! Comment ur ingame for chance of winning!
  11. i'v seen you make better videos.
  12. kash and omar dont deserve blessings
  13. lmao naw khalil was the reason im up 700k + at duel aint no alt
  14. Nice video bro, but i havent seen any results from the giveaway winners?
  15. Khalil lol??? Isn’t this ur forum account from before u were mod?
  16. atleast is it possible to track a hacker?
  17. @On A Tree unfortunately if you did not have a security pin on your account the items will not be refunded tough lesson to learn but now you know! /closed
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