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  2. nice and clear. thanks supremium very cool!
  3. Why did I make this? bc everyday I noticed people would often ask to see a list of un-tradeables. PkP Shop _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ best in cape slot for range __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ rune pouch can hold up to 16k of three different types of runes ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Voting Shop ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bounty Hunter Shop _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ best in gloves slot for melee _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ best in shield slot for melee _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ only works at level 30 wilderness & below
  4. Why does this guy have youtuber rank? He is scammer lmfao. Yesterday scammed 10k pkp tickets from me at duel arena by turning amulet on. I sincerely hope that some mod or admin takes you rank away you are nothing but an lame af scammer. Also baby boy deleted my comment on hes YouTube video keep it up prick At this stake this boy scammed 10k pkps he had amulet on lmfao.
  5. Tefy u only pk when you have 2-3x the numbers of opposing cc(s), and still manage to die for max... meme
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  7. Monkeys put back into their cages
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  9. Username/s you're interested in: Matty, Logic, take
  10. why all these kids crying on my post. this is a good suggestion
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  12. what killbob say. that most likely fix everything. killbob4ss
  13. https://roatpkz.com/download/ hit the red button and try again
  14. can you help me with a bug? when i try to log in it writes connecting to server but it never connects...

  15. can you help me to fix a bug? when i try to log in it writes connecting to server but it never connects...

    1. mrss king

      mrss king

      hello, you have a good internet connection? try to redownload the client, https://roatpkz.com/download/ 

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