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  1. Hi Pkerz, I'd like to suggest an introduction of Mithril seeds / Flower poker to Roatpkz. What is Flower Poker: Flower Poker This game is played between 2 players. Each player must plant 5 mithril seeds. Depending upon the colors of 5 flowers, the outcome is decided. Rules: If a player plants 2 flowers of the same color, it is considered 1-pair (1p) If a player plants two 1 pairs (2 different pairs) it is considered 2-pair (2p) If a player plants 3 of the same, it is considered 3-of-a-kind (3oak) If a player plants 4 of the same, it is considered 4-of-a-kind (4oak) If a player plants 5 of the same, it is considered 5-of-a-kind (5oak) If a player plants 3-of-a-kind and a 1-pair, it is considered full house (fh) If a a player plants 5 different flowers, it is a bust.** White/Black flowers are a replant* The winning case is as follows; 5oak>4oak>full-house>3oak>2p>1p>bust If both players bust, it is a replant. *In case any one of the 5 flowers is white/black, both players must start over and re-plant all 5. **In the situation where both players bust, both of them must replant 5 flowers and replay. Why mithril seeds? Flower poker is a really nice way to gamble, just something else than staking. Also, mithril seeds could be a good product to a new money sink. Mithril seeds could be sold for (for example) 50 PK points each, which means every flower poker pot that will be played will take atleast 500 PK points out of the economy. Mithril seeds could also be sold in the donation store. This might bring more donation towards the server, which can be spend on different things that makes the server better. An example for mithril seeds prices are: 25x mithril seeds 1,50$ 100x mithril seeds 5$ 250x mithril seeds 14$ 500x mithril seeds 28$ 1000x mithril seeds 50$ Flower poker makes people lose their bank, they will quit. Nobody is FORCED to gamble, it's just an additional feature for those who want it. If people can't handle it, they shouldn't participate in the first place. It's as simple as that. Adding something like this doesn't harm the game, if anything, it just benefits Gretar more than anyone else, because it's another way for people to lose their wealth, which means it won't be long until their donating for more! Losing at gambling games doesn't cause people to quit the server, no more than IRL gambling problems cause people to quit their lives. It's an addictive trap. Every time I see people writing something along the lines of "GF bank, cleaned again... quitting", I immediately learn two things about that person: 1) they'll be back shortly, and 2) they're a full-blown retard and will likely never learn any better. What do you guys think? Should mithril seeds be inplemented into RoatPkz? If you have any additional information that should be added to this topic please let me know.
  2. nice vid fam! What's the giveaway though?
  3. I understand, if I would be lazy I wouldn't even have uploaded lol. 😛
  4. Did not leave it black because I had no clips, it has something imo 😛
  5. And actually, I can comlpetely understand.
  6. That's exactly why you shouldn't lure me.
  7. Hello guys, I'd like to suggest an in-game autochat. When I say in-game autochat think about the OSRS autochat. People are spamming over yell and over the help cc and try their best to sell their items (nothing wrong with that), but wouldn't it be awesome if we can set our accounts or maybe alt accounts in a place (::cw/edge bank) with typers so we can sell our items without having to stay in the roatpkz screen because otherwise my Gary's Hood is typing in YouTube or somewhere else. This, personally, brings so much nostalgia to the Runescape back in the days, and also RSPSes back in the days. It's also alot easier to sell my items instead of floading the yell chat and having to say "sale at cw" so I don't have to type in 10 items everytime. What are you guys thoughts on this? I'd like to know. Kind Regards, Knasterd
  8. The video was still being processed, it's up now
  9. In-game Name: Knasterd Youtube Channel (URL): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnNv0tesv8NVzhb-z_fkJhA?view_as=subscriber Why should we pick you ?: I really enjoy making RSPS video's. I've made quite a bit of RSPS video's if you scroll through my channel, and I think that when I get a YouTuber rank I can build a bigger audience and with the reward system I will be able to make better content! :)
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