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    Graphic's Store

    Fill in the required information to receive your signature What are you requesting?: What pixels do you recommend?: What type of design are you looking for?: What text do you want?: What subtext do you want?: [Optional]: What colors for the text do you prefer?: What images do you like to add and mess with it?: [Link]: When do you want it?: Note: Only request if you are willing to use it otherwise you will not be given one unfortunately and you will have to pay me 50k if you are not using it
  2. at least it's not competition then it would be fair, we are just chilling dont need to make competition games, but that would be good
  3. Gambling isn't everything
  4. Chef


    Are we still friends?
  5. Forums is the only way, but you need to get everyone to register in the forums. 2 would be discord. a promotion section for clans in roatpkz discord server that allows any clan owners to advertise one time per day.
  6. pest control would be ideal to get claws and void and xp lamps + korasi :uwu:
  7. na dont he will be m8ssed god rest his soul mute smackd then he got 40 minutes playtime
  8. News: roatpkz is dead soon, gather your items and go back to your families under the safe roof.

  9. there'sno use to motivate them they should just quit you wanted a feed back here is one dont regret it tho so valence 45 hours playtime when it is 60 hours required per month. easily should be demoted, also rag bot 24 hours. again demote him for not meeting the needs of his requirement. if you dont then you are totally wasting players time with this feedbacks and use them to give you a good motiovational feedback.
  10. Also allowing gifs content to be shared on forums would be ideal currently to express my heavinly self. Beside that that's a great idea, Sly and it would be proper to say that you have a great skilling experience and nice english That is Incorrent. Hence because of that bag is only for loots from Pvming and you can only unload all the items from it straight to the bank, But sly's idea has more feautures to the looting bag
  11. big fan dude i had to just agree 😄 plus fix this paper next to the emojis..
  12. haha i retired like 3 months ago, something like that? @Smackd its not for u lmfao cuz ur being mean ur not in my friendslist
  13. My best friends smackd fruitiest goat chui funtime gretar hemmi wolf mamberroni jr fantastic missslayer rag bot , stijn and the whole squad team I wish you all the best brothers , I hope you're doing too well irl , I miss you so much and it was an honor playing with you, wish it was something else where we can see each other, all of you are legends , easy on the mute button kids and much love for yall, tell smoothie has grandma says hello and hopefully you all succeed in what you are doing! just saying hello my babies, know ur daddy loves uu ❤️❤️🥰🥰🤩🤩😍😍😘😘💀💀💀☠️ and rip my wolf wish you all the best, and by the way for skeleton i cried when he resigned, sorry to see you go ... thanks for understanding if i didnt mention you 💀 honestly smackd is my only best friend here but yall can be i see potential
  14. The new update is actually lit and the caves and it brought such an atmosphere to the server. The bosses look very decent And the korasi is finally here and it's going to be a big competition on getting it Voidwalker is the best
  15. New players guide for asking alot about prices so i thought of making this. would be ideal and recommended to have this guide linked via command ::prices ingame i can add more to it and clear these messages by a staff and lock the topic.
  16. Chef


    I felt like doing some desktop backgrounds, If you are interesting in making your own Desktop background fill the required format. The background you desire: Any text you would like added: Any other symbols you want it to include: Payment: Pre work case: And it can get much more interesting, Please fill in the blanks to get your project started. You can take a picture from the game in your favorite place and outfit. For admins you can take a picture in your favorite place with npc on to snap a decent pic and get it to the workshop.
  17. k ur retards i cant help it i spent 2-3 hours on this and ur in a bad mood
  18. Chef

    fun time

    you should look at the star next to my name it disappared! a bear just ate it
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