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  1. Guys he didn't ask for opinions just for halp.
  2. total pain in ass https://gyazo.com/4a5bf86d5112d22126cd98d860ba8961
  3. Talk in game already.
  4. Lmk offers ingame pm your chef or drop offers here
  5. Chef

    Everything 🔥

    Glad to see related stock right here, please throw in oldschool and good tikka masala.
  6. Chef


    If anyone sells extreme I'll buy it for 160k
  7. Can I understand why do you took a picture of me with out permission? Can I please get a staff here I wanna report and solve an issue?
  8. Chef


    Sell extreme donator ticket pm me offers
  9. Good luck with your other videos , hope you get there
  10. Support by me, good luck with the future man
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