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    1 minute ago, zeplin99 said:

    imagine quoting me like same slave aka same sea in every topic LOLOLOL slaves be slaves. you never gonna touch the throne with your hands.

    Looks like my student got better in wording but am not here to touch anything dirty so please let me grind in peace.

  2. On 5/11/2019 at 3:13 PM, zeplin99 said:

    stop speaking to me lmfao slaves are not allowned to Quote nor speak to me get it?

    I don't see the rules including that, so unfortunately I couldn't get it.

    Plus I made your wishes come true and made you speak like a triggered whale ;) don't mind thanking me

  3. On 1/5/2019 at 10:27 PM, Isaiah said:

    should i upload more often or will it look like im thirsty for the youtuber rank lol

    idk how to add a poll so just comment whether or not i should post more fammio's

    In my opinion youtube ranks are thirsty for grinders, Never look back mane.

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  4. I am aware that my positive intentions are at the end of journey I will no longer provide goodness to this platform as long it keeps going for waste and that is sad but true in that case I will take a break off during my lifetime because it has more value than spending it here for nothing until I see some reconsideration from the other side or at least very few attention from the biggest chairman which I never seen yet so far according to my good intentions for this show all I wanted is to give what nobody can provide else than me and that's a big loss for this community they always deserve better so do I, During the time in my vision there's much shorten intentions toward the players and that is fucked up basically we deserve to ask for our rights but sadly nobody from the authority is giving enough attention to the %1 goodness around here so I will not keep pushing further until the day has come when roatpkz would tear apart on the wrong hands so yeah the closure is clear and I won't stay attracting people and give them hope for the best because sincerely if the owner doesn't care why should I?, I must thank everyone for every single lesson I learned on here and the great people I've met and I hate to leave but whatever it is what is it am not looking for headache only, Happy new year to everyone and I hope to see more good intentions and reconsideration about me.. Goodbye Roatpkers looking forward to be a great and fit able leader in no time.

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  5. 1 hour ago, Fantastic said:

    You’re delusional if you think I’m even the slightest abusive, or that I’m like Yoobs. Of course you wouldn’t know cause you’re only online on the forums and not the game, and you’d believe anything that is said on here as long as it’s about degrading the Staff team or a Staff member.

    Why the hell would I lie about going to Skotizo or even worse, to Gretar? Gretar and I were literally talking about the Facebook page needing an update, hours before it happened. Feel free to personally ask him. You act like I banned half the server because of this incident. Get real lmfao.

    For the past few weeks I’ve only being logging in to either host the christmas community events or to help out people, which I have been doing everywhere I can, whenever I can. Even when I’m very busy I’ll take time to help, as well as spend some of my free-time to promote Roat Pkz on other platforms/websites, cause I care about the community, yet a big part of the community behave like the Staff team doesn’t do shit. You don’t see the tons of PMs, reports, appeals, help-tickets and other stuff we deal with so naturally you think we’re useless.

    You people will instantly chop down on someone if an incident happens, but will very rarely adress it when something good is done.

    I know there are also people who sees the positive impact that the Staff team brings to the server, and we greatly appreciate you. ❤️

    You didn't have to justify the platform randomly and there are people who very hardly try to make differences on this website but the worse thing is that we keep kicking the best possibilities of change what can I say more.. Reconsidering me in the staff table should be a positive step forward due to complete the server somehow everything will be seen during the time, Wish you guys a great new year and new personalities.

  6. 6 hours ago, Yoobs da king said:

    1. RoatPKZ will never change, it has always been shit since day one. RoatPKZ is a clan pking server; you getting staff wont change a damn thing since every staff member is involved with a clan and you will just try your dick off to be proper as SS, then Mod comes around and you start putting in even more hours and then Grerat hands you Admin, and then you will just become a washed up Smackd, Jblind, Yoobs or Fantastic cx(Considering he got pked for tbow at skotizo banned the guy who pked him for it then lied to gretar as to why he was at skotizo so he could get his bow back, then gretar gave the kid like 100k as compensation or w.e, so by this I mean youll just be another abusive Admin when you get there or youll just be a toxic clan mod taking sides n shit...)


    2. The fact your asking your mates, for support simply displays nothing will change when or if you get staff.


    3. "Whoever wants to be the best server" Just shows you are willing to lie to yourself because how da fuck do you know this server will be the best simply with you as staff when there is tens of thousands of servers you have never played so the fact you assume this server would be the "best" truly baffles me.


    4. Stop meme'ing, to get staff here you either A. Played since 2011. B. made a staff application. C. You boxed an admin so he could escape death in wild. or D.(Sucked the D for staff.)


    Oh ye since I just addressed it @Fantastic I fucking told ur dumbass when you got SS and then Mod, don't become another Jblind, Smackd, Yoobs... "Ye dw im not" -safe "are you sure" Fanny- "Yeah I wont let it come to that" 


    I just love how every player here has no fucking clue what really goes on within this server. Your dumbass wont change shit @Chef

    If you want staff Chef find a server where the owner gives a fuck

    This aint gretars main source of income so quite frankly he dont give a shit what goes on until an admin steals osrs gp from his jew ass


    (Inb4 Jblind or Smackd deletes this post cause its offensive even though they call kids faggots in yell daily, or fanny removes his one little section.)

    You’re fuckin’ realist mane, couldn’t agree less with you but am simply on the 1% side affect.

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