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  1. I have few thoughts to share and probably gretar should reflect on them for the long term..

    *Add Custom Briefcases To The Dontor Store Or Somewhere Else Not Worth 100k$!

    *Since We Have Few Useless Commands Such As ::CW / ::FP / ::DICE Leading To The Same Hole... There Should Rather Be A Specific Unique Dice Zone For All The Gamblers! ( Named after me =], ::Kitchen , Could be on lumbridge..)

    *Add Uber Rank For The Players Who Has 1K$+ In Total Donations With Extra Benefits!

    *Add BlackJack Option On The Dice Bag And Increase The Value Of It!

    *Add Hot / Cold And Other Random Gambling Options To The Seed Quality!

    * Add few 5-10K Pets Worth To The Donator Store!

    * Add Toxic Zone For Beggers And Lock Them In A Stupid Box :@#


    Ur Love






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  2. Lmfao you guys are so bad, all that just cuz of some hatred? eww, all am going to tell most of you.. stay careful and away from the karma bus because once you don't pay attention to where you are walking, you literally will get fucking smackd!

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  3. Hello , I am here because you know why.. before I didn't believe that getting a veteran here is possible due to lack of attention or time to the old players and I am certainly one of them, so basically I deserve to be a Veteran like the others am not less than them nor more.. just a fair and square offer. Plus if you don't believe me I really play since the beginning of this server since 2k12 and up until now, surely inactive but you know what I mean :) , plus I remember the jail pking and blacks worth like 100keach , so with the phats are like 7-9k, and lots more.. I also assume there's an whom credible player who could vouch for me to process on this and he is an Ex-staff here. So please leave me a message in case there's something missing and lets hope you give the necessary time on this, Mr. @Gretar, I would be so happy if you do for such a huge improvement and makes me enjoy roatpkz way more than the usual ;)

    Thanks for the time spent on this topic and I am looking forward to see the new promotion update!


    ur boi Chefisino..

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  4. 7 hours ago, Heh said:

    Wcing is one of the best money makers in game, and also pretty semi-afk.

    Gretar gave SKP a Claim value so it wouldn't lower the price of SKP overtime like some other items i.e Mini game points 


    Only wanted to see a really expensive cosmetic outfit that costed skp as a skp/pkp sink i guess, the fact that it would only cost skp would give skp a actual trade/market value rather then the claim value it has now i.e 0.10-0.125 ea or somthing.

    I agree.

    What do you think about the new skilling cape the ones which look like max capes, I believe they should be added to the SKP store but could cost a bit expensive and should be wield on 500m EXP, In my fair opinion that will be a highly massive motivation for the skillers to keep loving what they are doing and gives em more purposes after all, would be fun and competitive don't you agree?

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