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  1. you are so fucking retarded, foreign rat
  2. They're just cringe fucking morons who think like roatpkz is some full time job, grow up bunch of disgusting fags
  3. lmfao he was trolling around you socially awkward reject lmfao
  4. Cant wait to hear from you paki boy
  5. im guessing you don't want to fight for money then
  6. im guessing you don't wanna fight for osrs money then pakiboy
  7. don't you have liek a help cc to be moderating or something lol you're not a pker
  8. You will never be me You will never be as good as me i run roatpkz the score is 7-2 pakiboy LET THIS BE A LESSON TO YOU MY NIGGA, LETS FIGHT FOR OSRS MONEY, LETS BEST OF 10 SESH FOR OSRS MONEY https://gyazo.com/930be6bb07ed1110f1eebe3f6497e3d5 https://gyazo.com/580059ea9cd6b1dfdec50f7d9f9f6c69 https://gyazo.com/e41ad37a744cac1d537d939f9f5c0da9 https://gyazo.com/6b9b0a2424d3f47c443c2e8eeb3913e1 https://gyazo.com/e663ac249d27a02c76e066c52ca4336c https://gyazo.com/3ee72509c440e7c53601827c65636422 I run this game you disgusting black creature ^ 6 tabs
  9. same oso 2 real who got slapped by ratlords tigo/bakri, listen pakiboy wanna be gang member you ever want to 'sesh' on the real game for 07 lmk, until then stay on roatpkz you disgusting wannabe gang member
  10. btw theres also a reason you've never won a hybrid tourney on your own server, ratlords stay winning muslim boy
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