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  1. Imagine playing for this long and still being shit
  2. I see why you don’t fight me
  3. Definitely too rng based, if he changes though the skillgap will be too wide and people will stop playing
  4. This guy has anyone who can 1 tick a 3 way blacklisted
  5. Tesfxye


    Attention seeker
  6. i eat curry for a living
  7. It’s smackd and jblinds sister
  8. if you didn’t have spec restore I would’ve been able to just pray what the focusser was doing and not have to worry about dbows and claw specs constantly. Would’ve been an easy tank lol
  9. Without unlimited spec restore I’m tanking the full with ease lmao
  10. A timer to stop people spec restoring and teleporting back continuously should be added first
  11. Khalil is called rag bot but bans raggers? LOL?
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