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  1. Tesfxye


    Ok keep googling and update me again on how you’ve done it, thanks
  2. https://gyazo.com/15c92d1c78c6ad50b1a5cb2a140cb798 Shitter getting slapped around so goes for a a max spec, literally the story of your lives
  3. Tesfxye


    How did you even get into America with your criminal record
  4. Tesfxye


    Imagine being so lonely you have to use the forums of a game you don’t play to make friends irl
  5. 9m on a pk server you don’t pk on
  6. Yeah I spoke to him about this before but there’s no real way to fix it without people being able to abuse it, this is the only way to have them in the game
  7. Hope this gets sorted for you
  8. @Smackddid u notice this was wrong??
  9. Was playing back when smackd was a no one and Sophia was still a girl
  10. You’re a victim, I’m bored of this now I had my fun. Bye
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