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  1. Tesfxye

    man thought he is something!

    @sophia teach him how to embed
  2. Tesfxye

    Fix Edgepvp

    Also change combat so bonuses have more of an effect at edgepvp
  3. Tesfxye

    Day in the Life of Hatcx

    Inaccurate u didn’t show u dying to I hate it for the day
  4. Tesfxye

    1M+ PKED

    Thanks everyone
  5. Tesfxye

    Trump and Kanye

  6. Tesfxye

    Requiem Af playlist

    shit no one wanted it
  7. Tesfxye

    Best tank on the game innit

    https://i.gyazo.com/619c8744eeefa3812c56b6682275da4f.mp4 #1 tank
  8. Tesfxye

    Sophia killed for max in welf gear

    He was looking for monsters
  9. Tesfxye

    Looking for Server Support!

  10. Tesfxye

    Sarah Hyland

    Legally shouldn’t be allowed to do that
  11. Tesfxye

    Looking for Server Support!

    Don’t make me post ur gfs Facebook
  12. Tesfxye

    Looking for Server Support!

    If a team gets ss