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  1. Tesfxye

    Welcome Team Nexus

  2. Tesfxye

    Roat Pkz Promotions - 19. February 2019

    u never fail to amaze
  3. Tesfxye

    ok so it means war

    99% sure it’s smacked fault
  4. Tesfxye

    ok so it means war

    He made u think you’d think you had a chance so you’d help out and be good for the server but he was never gonna give u it
  5. Tesfxye

    ok so it means war

    I feel the same way, ty for your bank btw
  6. Tesfxye

    Hybrid Video

    Music as dogshit as the hybridding
  7. Make it so u just can’t hit people back when you are holding the key also remove the multi keyspawns and make it so u have to risk to pick up the key, multi teams get the key then run straight to multi so they don’t lose it
  8. Fuck the haters
  9. Tesfxye

    It's ya b0y

    Very amazing
  10. Tesfxye

    Smacked mongolians in singles... again....

    Doesn’t count it was their tber
  11. Tesfxye

    It's ya b0y

    Winner is Jon Jordan, lmfao definitely not just you entering your own tourney no one else on roat is white enough to have that name
  12. Tesfxye


    Still shit
  13. Tesfxye

    Atlaanta NOT ADAM

    Classic adam