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  1. seers10

    pk vid

    ohh my gawsh
  2. seers10

    Pk vid

    In my tracksuit
  3. seers10

    Edit by Ballin 1337

  4. seers10

    Roat Pkz Video Competition Winners!

    nah lol, gretars said he doesn't mind accepting videos that are slightly above/below the time limit not suprised ppl aren't content with the results lmao this is what happens when Smackd isn't judging the contest he knows about pking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. seers10

    1M+ PKED

    na lol, bro doesn't eat vs these 30 year olds that have been playing for 15 years
  6. seers10

    Update Suggestions

    shit grammar didn't read nah good topic, everything here should be a priority don't know why tele 2 target wasn't released w bounty hunter itself
  7. seers10


    ur obviously some crazy person that gets a rush when staff reply to you! that basic ass convo w gretar as ur sig prove it!!!!! #LockSlyUp
  8. seers10


    stfu rat
  9. seers10


  10. seers10

    clout chaser slapped pt 2

    yea show me some money lol easy 10k just collecting dust lmao act your wage
  11. seers10

    clout chaser slapped pt 2

    dw me an bro @5Star_General are making a pking for dummies tutorial soon
  12. seers10

    clout chaser slapped pt 2

    want me to post photos from stackin fights ? its about even in tabs nonetheless you had 0 opportunities to kill me i had 5+ easily an 2 of them landed bye dutch loser
  13. seers10

    clout chaser slapped pt 2

    succc my dicc w your motherz lipz