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  1. seers10

    No Propaganda Str8 Bullying ft "keytracker?"

    posting shit from my channel, u know me i dont know u lol and its okay you can keep keytrackers dick in ur mouth just keep my name out of it the video speaks 4 itself so don't bother asking for fights on 07 wen ur ddosing on roatpkz not going back an fourth with some skinny dutch kid bye lmfao
  2. seers10

    No Propaganda Str8 Bullying ft "keytracker?"

    wtf is going on 'sesh' keep that white boy lingo 2 urself lmfao take ur failed 115 back 2 nmz
  3. seers10

    No Propaganda Str8 Bullying ft "keytracker?"

    lmaoooooo the mandem will always be 1 step ahead of these manbun azz niggahs its fucked wen u clock that keytrackers been playing everyday on every server for 2 yrs an is still azz.... #stampin out a packet in my louis runnersz wahahhaha keep it out ur mouth !!! lmaooooo ur not a team these fl dickriders r getting hilarious now chill out son
  4. seers10


    lmaooooooooo the intro
  5. seers10

    Wizard 3-0 Spartans

    LOOL? wtf
  6. seers10


    whys this guy not banned lol
  7. seers10

    hi smackd here

  8. seers10

    The mighty Ban152 is retiring :)

    whos cutting onions here take care bro
  9. seers10

    Eid al Adha mubarak

    eid mubarak to my muslim bros