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  1. seers10

    Welcome Team Nexus

    awww someones embarrassed? don't worry about any of us dying lol we've killed everyone on the server enough times, nobody hears about you dying because it's old news
  2. seers10

    Welcome Team Nexus

    good cop @Ban152 bad cop @Smackd
  3. seers10

    It's ya b0y

    2nd best admin pker
  4. welcome back, keep the vids up
  5. seers10


    gang activities @Refunt u should keep aruns user out ur mouth bro not looking good lol
  6. retard? he would of been in multi for like 2 seconds lmao hes not you spaghetti boy
  7. very fucking true lmao mfw an admin is top 5 pker on the server smd pussies
  8. seers10

    Short Pk Vid

    views gnna skyrocket w no replies keep watching and learning fans
  9. seers10

    duel penino dead

    opened this expecting a decent topic considering he embarrassed u in front of the whole forum bro..
  10. seers10

    Pk for lyfe

    truly sickening!
  11. seers10

    The daddy of Dhing

    LMFAO! real fuckingg shit @5Star_General
  12. seers10

    kK wE Ns NoW DuMb PaKi

    holy shit lmao @ that emotional buildup! I told u that like a year ago (last time i spoke/replied to you) spaghetti boy lmao getting things off ur chest ^ or anti drag on osrs !
  13. seers10

    kK wE Ns NoW DuMb PaKi

    is that why you click everything I've ever posted on forums & I have ur content on ignore? dumb fanboy
  14. seers10

    kK wE Ns NoW DuMb PaKi

    hes pissed! mr burns frail lookin azz u will always be below us