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  1. 5Star_General


    my likkle kids dem
  2. 3:50 Mastermind Cold vid family
  3. I'm not recruiting atm broski games 2 dead
  4. Just to educate some of you random guys on the member list 1 actual kill which was in multi btw, good job nice topic!
  5. Gang shit @Tesfxye vid should've been top 3 imo but congrats to every1
  6. 5Star_General


    LOOOOOOOL still funny bmt @seers10
  7. https://gyazo.com/e6db4127ab6fdb99060f6f87ddaee806 How my team turns L's into W's made 1k profit off that kill smd bitch LOOOOL Just like that lmfao your favourite pkers 4 all u clout chasers
  8. Demotion was definitely not deserved, seen staff members do 10x worse in the past and get away with it Reason was also justified, hope your mum gets better bro take it easy
  9. https://gyazo.com/9d27a5ef94edf9bdd2e65bd6ec9d156d https://gyazo.com/ed11372b27fd1fe066d61f33420b1760 https://gyazo.com/e5a527b76eb24febaf7eaf3c0032fbcd Am I missing anything? Lmfao deluded guy dont ever @ me with a multi kp again l8r
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