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  1. @gore6800 planker watch chris archy to be gooder at pker
  2. u smell like cheese gore gg thanks for bank crhis archy tought me best yep thats me !!! u should watch ch ris rhcy vids to be better pker
  3. i hope this rat actually commits lmfao
  4. Jray

    wheelchair boy

    only shit ss mute 1 person flaming and not everyone else
  5. who thought it was a good idea to give isaiah yter rank lmfao 7-0'd past two days get this spastic out of here
  6. must've been battle of the wheelchairs lmfao
  7. LMFAOOO I hope the donut actually od'd fucking paki faggot
  8. my mom yelled at me and said stop ur my son so pretty good
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