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  1. @gore6800 planker watch chris archy to be gooder at pker
  2. u smell like cheese gore gg thanks for bank crhis archy tought me best yep thats me !!! u should watch ch ris rhcy vids to be better pker
  3. i hope this rat actually commits lmfao
  4. Jray

    wheelchair boy

    only shit ss mute 1 person flaming and not everyone else
  5. who thought it was a good idea to give isaiah yter rank lmfao 7-0'd past two days get this spastic out of here
  6. must've been battle of the wheelchairs lmfao
  7. LMFAOOO I hope the donut actually od'd fucking paki faggot
  8. my mom yelled at me and said stop ur my son so pretty good
  9. nice bb gun sig xd
  10. so much neck beard and sweat lets do it
  11. youtube.com/tyler1
  12. good one retard sick yt content sucks u wont face cam so everyone can see u. ill make it happen tho!! idk why u upload these pics to your farmersonly.com its stupid mate
  13. printscreen how u take a screenshot btw
  14. thx chris archie gonna go try this out now!
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