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  1. 17 hours ago, N95 said:

    The new pid system is bad. If you have pid your bolt is instant even before the bolt shoots from the crossbow. barrage is instant. Pking is literally trash for nhing unless you have pid to help you win

    ? yeah duh PID gives one person an advantage over the other when swapped in their favor.

    thats the whole point of pid, an archaic system that existed since the beginning of 2d cardboxxed version of runescape known as "Runescape Classic"

    basically jagex got lazy and didnt rewrite their game engine throughout the year. most jagex staff think it's retarded to begin with and it gives a huge unfair advantage at duel arena since experienced stakers can use tick strategies for an advantage over inexperienced stakers. same for pvp since experienced pkers know how to stack hits and combos when they have pid.

    dw jagex will most likely remove pid from osrs in the future since its becoming a widespread exploit in the game in dueling and pvp. 

    basically it's just a system where people bandwagon for it and have no fucking idea what it is.

  2. 3 hours ago, Saybow said:

    image.png.5bbe1b245189299b7e91cb5ecf36f4b8.png i cant find the exact location to that clue, maybe someone else had it and knows where to search? Need Help :) its a Medium Clue scroll

    not a search clue. You wear all those items and go to scorpion pit w/ pk skull and use the "Scared" EMOTE. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Its Ted said:

    I had a look at the current max cape bonus' and I feel that there really is no incentive to get the cape.

    so I've had a think about ideas that would make more people want the cape, I have had a bit of time to think about the improvements to be done and I feel there should be incentives for each different play style.


    Suggestions that would be for everyone with max cape:

    [1] A new ::Max teleport where there is a trade post, shops, and just a chill spot for those who have put in the hours to have a unique zone that most players can't get to.

    Sure, regular custom zone no skilling shit or farming NPCs

    [2] This one is linked to the first idea and would be a Boss / Skill / Pvm / Pk zone within the ::max zone area, somewhat similar to the donator zones but it would be exclusive to people that are maxed, this would act similarly to the 2K total worlds for osrs and would allow maxed users to pvm/skill a lot more afk in the wilderness or let them bring bigger risk since there would be a lot less chance clans would be able to get them there.

    No. This is Roatpkz, not a loot pinata safe world donation cash grab server to afk farm. 

    [+] Bonus Suggestion linked to this could be that the max zone could have a bank in the wilderness


    [+] Another Bonus suggestion could be that the Max zone gives you 2-3X resources from mining / woodcut  OR maybe make it so that you can afk for longer, maybe rune rocks let you mine 2 before it depletes & fishing spots last longer or make it so that smithing has a chance of giving you 2 of an item.

    2x-3x resources Too OP 

    [3] An emote for the max cape, Maybe there already is one.. I'm not sure but if there isn't this could be a cool way to flex your hard earned cape. [ Maybe even make it so you can do this emote while Fping so it is used more often :) ]

    Waste of developer's time, but emote during FP sure +1 

    For people trying to rebuild / Poorer players:

    [1] The max cape could give +10-25% damage increase vs PVM monsters while wearing the cape, or alternatively they could make it so the max zone will have increased damage.

    Too OP 5% boost maybe


    [2] The max cape could give an increased drop rate for rare items similar to the way vote bonus' work [5-15% increased drop rate could be added] while stacking with all other bonus' .

    No. Too OP.

    [3] A Daily bonus, maybe if you are maxed, every day you login you get a free vote mystery box or 2, or a unique mystery box just for max players with some items in.


    For Players interested in Fashionscape / Gambling:

    [1] Add a few new recolours so the cape would go well with some customs, I'm terrible with art so I'm not going to say what colours would go well..

    - Emote for fping would be cool for gamblers.


    For Pkers

    [1] The max cape could have 3 optional affects that you can change every 24 Hours from the following:

    Magic Defence - The cape has a 10% increased chance of a freeze / entangle spell of splashing on you.

    Range Defence - The cape has a 10% chance of a bolt special attack [such as onyx / dragonfire] not toggling on you

    Melee Defence - The cape has a 5% chance of a dragon spear failing it's special attack on you [I'm not sure if this would be too op maybe 5% is too high, but this could be the difference between life and death]

    These 3 options could be permanent or they could be togglable, maybe you could add a pkp sink / item sink and cost a certain item or amount of pkp to switch it. But I feel like there should also be a cooldown and it should not be changable in the wilderness [only at an npc]

    A cape should not significantly give someone a "Cheat Code" in the wilderness. This would damage the integrity of a fair fight in wilderness, and potentially piss off a lot of pkers.


    Well these are my suggestions to give people a real reason to want to have a max cape, I feel like the thread is lacking on some features for gamblers, new colours would be cool but maybe there could be more.


    Feel free to comment your views on each of the suggestions, flaws and what you like about it. All the feedback will be appreciated.


    Overall- some good and bad ideas. I personally think the cape is good already with all the perks it has, but it doesn't hurt to add some more if it doesn't risk damaging the integrity of the game. 

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  4. 17 hours ago, O n i b l a said:

    buying a legendary just to start ragging 24/7 no will do that.
    broke in 10 minutes by paying a fee for spawn pk ? well better learn to pk then.
    thats why you can manual gear FREE, since not every1 has the money to do.
    esp raggers aint gonna pay shit for dying , so to counter them respawning every 0,2 sec  this is a good option
    the pkp for items isnt gonna burn down noobs rather give them a motivation to participate at events/skilling/pvming.

    1) There are tons of ext/leg donators in the game, and any1 buying them would pretty much exploit the system you are suggesting. 

    2) Learn to pk better? Lol this is a global implementation where everyone has a different skill base - people pk at edgeville, chins, multi war, etc. People die a lot and the game just had a recent inflation adjustment in price for most items. Having any sort of preset fee would place a heavier burden on them. 

    3) "Manual" gearing on a spawn server w/ presets would defeat the purpose of having preset in the first place.  Makes zero sense.

    4) Also ragging in multi war is great for server activity. There are dominant clan in every server and delaying a smaller clan from returning makes them significantly less competitive. 

    Just because you type a wall of text doesn't mean it's correct. You should think about your ideas carefully and the repercussions it could cause if implemented. 

  5. Thank you for taking your time to make this suggestion. You have outlined a potential problem, but the solution isn't well thought out.

    NEVER ever limit presets on a spawn pk server. That is too restrictive and will end up decreasing PVP activity overall. 

    Given the recent inflationary price adjustment of items, this would burden people even more with a preset fee. It would ultimately make it harder for people to PK. 

    "Presetload out Cost after free uses;
    non. 5x free, after cost 500pkp per spawn.
    reg. 15 x free , after 300pkp per spawn.
    super. 30 x free, after  100pkp per spawn.
    extr. free. - free.
    ::Funpk has no spawn limiteds.
    Manual gearing from bank stays free."

    ??? wtf @Gretarspawn me some pkp I'd be broke in 10 mins pking 500pkp per spawn LOL. 

    On a serious note if you want to decrease ragging a simple solution would be to increase the timer to teleport back, but even with this approach it may be too dangerous on an active pvp server. Ragging actually brings more activity to pvp, but doing it excessively will annoy people. I'm not against decreasing ragging, but the approach outlined in this suggestion is just silly. 

    each spawn adds 15 sec penalty x 1.5 per new spawn. each tier decreases per 0.25x of original penalty. and per tier will decrease the time by Dividing time by 33%.
    1st spawn 15sec / reg don10 / super5 / extreme 0
    2nd spawn 22.5 / reg 15 / super 7.5 / exreme  0
    3rd spawn 33.75 / reg 22.5 / super 11.25 / extreme 1sec
    4rd spawn 50.62 / reg 33.6 / super 16.9 / extreme 1.5sec
    And so on and so on."

    I like this idea, but it's too complicated. Also, a ragger could be extreme/legendary donator status and bypass all those restrictions.

    I think a more realistic approach would be to add a teleportation delay if someone dies EXCESSIVELY x amount of times within a 1-2 mins time span.  

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  6. 4 hours ago, Smackd said:

    If raids are implemented, they should only be accessible through a cave deep in the wilderness, otherwise the best money maker would be in safe zone and that wouldn’t be wise. 

    People would be risking a lot in raids gear if in the wilderness. Perhaps something similar to corp but with higher fee for direct teleport to raids entrance. 

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  7. Good looking capes and a decent suggestion, but realistically speaking nobody would ever complete all those achievements in this lifetime. They're designed more to be relaxed and most people accomplish them naturally via activities in the game.

    I think a better approach would be a "Completionist Cape" - 50-100 custom tasks w/ max cape being one of the criteria. The cape would have all max cape perks + a little bit extra more benefits, but nothing game breaking. 


  8. Would have to finish all skills first, and it would still be too easy since skilling on roat is different than other servers. I'd suggest tag in a minimum kill requirements (starting from the release day of completionist cape, not counting retroactive kills). 

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