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  1. Sick video the best I can see keep it up
  2. IGN: silly newkid Items lost: 25k pkps How did you lose them: I staked be a guy at duel arena we did whip fight only and hes used speced be a whip somehow none stop this is damn crazy I would like to have me refund please, after this I would never stake again in me life about this glich thing its crazy and sucks for me now I was fighting name - stake 2 me !!
  3. Username: silly newkidRecruiter: dariusxd1 Total Kills: 3461Playtime: 31d 19h 25mTell us a bit about yourself: I am 22years old Me name is darius i live in London ,I bean playng this for a while now .. I love pvm and pking whith big clan mates and be helpful all the time I hope so I can jon this clan and be helpful for you not much info but that would be enough for now thanks , silly newkid.
  4. gretar please contact me ingame name silly newkid i donated 100 $ i need ur help!!!!... i i think keep rocktails! plz respawn me !
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