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  1. swapping to a deob would require lots of effort and we would have to remake a lot of our interfaces.
  2. All the people that say "Loc! client"
  4. Salad

    aktually im not arab

    get me the video of Gretar as hitler
  5. Been working on the roat client for a little bit. I know its not much but its progress. Next to come will be a fix for shading
  6. Everything but the call pets would be 100% toggable OT: Added more ideas. will be uploading some images today
  7. I'd love to get feedback on these things as I feel they would be a nice addition to the game. Feel free to drop your suggestions below as well. 1. Item overlays This would show items that are worth a certain amount as a text over the item loot. For example, If you were to kill someone with dragon claws during a team fight, instead of you right clicking and paying attention to what you got from the guy, you could see it instantly. The highest priced item would also be prioritized and put on top of the loot pile. You will be able to fully customize this feature such as changing the amount(pkp) minimum worth amount and changing the text color. 2. Call familiar/bob Just as OSRS, you'd be able to call your pet to you if you are unable to find it by clicking the icon in your Equipment tab. 3. Prayer book customization When I used to work as the client developer on this server, a few people have asked me to make a toggle that changes the prayer icons. Similar to F-keys, you would be able to set your prayer icons to which ever slot you'd like. NO IMAGE AS OF YET 4. Revision changing This would allow you to change to different revisions based on your preference. 377, Osrs and 562 would be the two revisions you can swap from. This will not add new items into the game but it will change the look of Animations, Graphics and player models. 5. Sound system As we all know, roat does not have any sound. I know that some users may not care but I believe that combat sounds are very beneficial to a pk server.
  8. Not even an honorable mention? ):
  9. rev caves came out a few days ago. We cant release content the day it comes out on osrs
  10. Baited into my thread. Heres some new content (:
  11. Dear Roat scrubs, It was a long run but now I must resign. My job on this server is now completed and I am no longer needed. Unfortunately with resigning, I am also leaving the game entirely. I will miss some of you (suor mostly) but I hope the best for this server. People I actually enjoyed: @Suor - CUTIEEEEEE!!! I hope that one day gretar will realize you deserve admin more than smackd @Tupac- Strangle the lisp out of me please. Was sad seeing you leave roat, I would have never expected it @JBLIND™ - Fat dog, gay uk kid. kys @Gretar - U kid wot @Zoradz - One day runescape will get kangaroo npcs @Smackd - Detroits biggest drug dealer @Mike - You're too nice, kys @Terzey - Turkey
  12. If you lost items due to the update please fill this for below: IGN: Items lost: How did you lose them:
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