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  1. Nice wins dude, how much is the lime santa? I'm unaware of the prices as I haven't played in ages
  2. I will support this under a few conditions that there is a fair interface, (like the duel arena). Should be two fair games, where the odds are equal (50/50) that is Dice Duel (DD) and Flower Poker (FP). This way everything will be fair between the two gamblers involved. The interface will reduce scammers, and it's something different to the duel arena.
  3. Looking clean af, nice bank man.
  4. Made you a Youtube Icon. Hope you like it! Or
  5. So, 'Ur Grandma' started off chatting shit. He said But really.. How sad can you get, lying about your KDR.. #Exposed. He says , He then gets dropped twice. K bye
  6. Global Admin(s) Yoobs Very Active, good guy, actually gets involved in conversations with the community. Doing good. Administrator(s) Legend Eh? Do you even exist? LOL Global Moderator(s) Ungrateful Decent guy, seen him around a few times. Player Moderator(s) Zoradz Never seen you once. Server Support Graphics By far my favourite staff member, helped me a ton and is fast at replying to Personal messages. Also communicates with the community very well. Keep up the good work.
  7. Feel free to like and subscribe Thanks for watching. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Nd5lWEA_48
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