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  1. Your lucky Gsltn wasn’t in it.
  2. Dogshit as fuck, your legit cringe
  3. Arun isn’t leaving. He’s a busy guy irl getting all the hoes. He will pk when he can though! but long time no see haha
  4. Making a singles pking clan #Gsltn gonna see how it goes and see who is interested, taking over from king tesfxye, Gsltn will always be on top. Pm Skorm in game or on my discord to be interested, singles pking only. #gsltn
  5. @Tesfxye I’d volunteer for you
  6. King @Smackd (ex Skorm cc) know since I started playing always been the man that helps/makes me laugh. Gretar got lucky he’s got such a good global admin. (ADMINS) - Make the game more fun/Enjoyable always helps SAME WITH MODS^ (SS) - My boy bind u dead for promation, always helps out, experienced in game. also Tom, yam, and tulrak (#1 SS in game) IMO #Skorm cc #Gsltn
  7. @1 slap you little fucking virgin
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