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  1. King @Smackd (ex Skorm cc) know since I started playing always been the man that helps/makes me laugh. Gretar got lucky he’s got such a good global admin. (ADMINS) - Make the game more fun/Enjoyable always helps SAME WITH MODS^ (SS) - My boy bind u dead for promation, always helps out, experienced in game. also Tom, yam, and tulrak (#1 SS in game) IMO #Skorm cc #Gsltn
  2. @1 slap you little fucking virgin
  3. As you may known skorm cc was the biggest and best cc to touch roatz pkz. but now its 2020 and I shall now be taking max sets of most of you shitters video/killpics coming soon... @GSLTN
  4. Ok mr 0.4Kd you was a fucking meme on the game pipe down
  5. Never comment on my posts again like I didn’t smack you 24/7 back in skorms day you little mouse @‘ing randoms too haha you melon
  6. Oi get young skorm I’m this cc then
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