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  1. I know, nobody said that I love all those rappers but I listen to some of Montana's music just my opinion.
  2. You too man, sorry the community is a bunch of retards that won't say it back but enjoy your night.
  3. OrbitalV2


    We had some ups and downs but you're a pretty cool guy, take care man.
  4. OrbitalV2


    How's you giving him 500k to stake scamming?, You gave him PKP on a "RSPS" that's known for scamming and scamming is allowed, you're honestly stupid as fuck for giving him the 500k in the first place. Tbh I understand he was your friend but Roat PKz is filled with snakes so be careful. At least now you know not to give anyone shit.
  5. King Yoobs back at it again with another slaughter video
  6. @insoyisgay Idk why you feel the need to talk trash, These pictures were all in one day October 18th Didn't wanna waste anymore time posting pictures of your boyfriend jtir so heres one screenie to sum it all up
  7. Lmao look at your name and you're calling me a fanboy fuck out my face you dirty monkey.
  8. I barely see 130+ players playing lmao.
  9. Why do you think I stopped playing, shit community, bad combat, no potential. Why waste time on a server that's not going to improve? lol
  10. Don't play it then, simple as that.
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