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  1. nobody is hiding I just barely play this game anymore. you're noone to hide from You seem obsessed with me in every post about me u say nobody takes me srs and that I'm shit but yet more than 30% of all ur posts are about me? and it's funny how u notice my attendance and make threads about me. you're my biggest fan
  2. More brews, less switches That's all I got to say I didn't even read that
  3. No I never did? I had the same amount of brews each fight. No wonder why you quit teleing every fight? Five way using five brews and brid. You're AWFUL. I had to watch this vid in 1.25
  4. You told me "I'm only using 2 brews" and the video shows 5? I had two/three brews each fight, and with your disgusting RNG, obviously I'll run out of food before you? I've got more clips on you than you've got on me, despite having 2-3 brews LESS than you. You're an embarrassment. No it was me, don't worry. I never deny something that's true. But, why did YOU quote me? It's not your video? Stop sucking people dicks Selected the clips I did bad on to make me look bad. Show every fight? Lul
  5. One post about how bad you are at the game and I'm obsessed? l000l
  6. haven't logged in yet tho pussy it's old clips
  7. Won't silence anybody. The video was awful. I know you bitches will say "Well you don't upload shiT?" working on something big will probably be posted by the end of the week. 10 fps recorder
  8. You read it and you agreed with everything that was said stop acting like you didn't. You have such a low self-esteem, expressing yourself as a gangster, but in reality you're probably known as the silent bullied arab Omar Roshaan. I knew his bitch would crawl out of his hole once it began to get a little too much for poor Roshan. Don't need to prove myself to you, you started hybriding this year I'll never book you in my schedule.
  9. Made me go off topic to then act like you don't even read what I'm typing? Fucking clown
  10. Trust me, you and I were raised in two very different environments. You're not hard, you're not from the street. You probably don't even own a gun. I'll be recording myself live for an hour, an hour a half at most when I'm in London after I've given you my location. If you don't show up, you're just a pussy and you've wasted my time and then nobody will ever take you seriously, not even the very few that do (Smokey, She rags etc.) Just because I live in Sweden, doesn't mean I'm Swedish. Only been living in Sweden for a couple of years, used to live in the United States and El Salvador before. I'll fuck you and your suicide squad up, I'm not scared of you, stupid forum gangster.
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