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  1. Overall staff are lacking, I think more hours needed overall, great job Jay for carrying this month but chill on the Swab flame πŸ˜› Great job to the people bellow as well! Real Dozard Agswarrior42 Craig DM Dicing - don't scam next time! Fruitiest Smackd Hemmi80 Necrofear Pb Mamberroi Jr If you're not on this list then you probably need to improve πŸ˜ƒ
  2. @danny evvvansNice name, try messaging smackd, fantastic or legend on discord to see if it's available. SMACKD#8120 CRWN#9999 I Lord Talos#7342
  3. @Generousguy Getting a skilling pet is 1/50 hours normally but in the wilderness that becomes 1/25 hours. There's no need to add anymore bonuses I think that's huge already.
  4. Yo, @NB Feel free to contact them via discord to get relevant information regarding account purchases. SMACKD#8120 CRWN#9999
  5. The most solid the staff team has ever been. Well-deserved promotions and demotions were well overdue.
  6. Ex0tic

    Vote boss guide

    Dope guide! πŸ”₯
  7. Ex0tic

    Farming Guide

    Neat guide brother! πŸ”₯
  8. Ex0tic

    Hunter guide

    Sorted thanks πŸ˜ƒ
  9. Ex0tic

    Hunter guide

    HUNTER: Start at ::hunter Talk to the hunting tutor and purchase 1 of the 3 skilling outfits for a 10% XP BOOST! Setup bird snares up until you can move onto swamp lizards (crimson swifts up until lvl 19 then switch to tropical wagtails). Continue doing this until you can move onto net traps. Once you get to level 29 move over to swamp lizards. Have a small fishing net and a rope in your inv then click on a tree to setup a trap and wait for a swamp lizard to get caught. Every 20 levels you are able to setup 1 additional trap. Continue doing this until you get to level 47 then move over to orange salamanders. Same concept. Once you get to level 53 start doing chinchompas by laying box traps in the designated area below: Keep doing this until you get to level 60 then start placing 4 traps at a time. I like to place them into a square or a straight line to increase odds of getting a catch. Move over to red chinchompas when you get to lvl 63, placing 4 traps at a time. Move over to black salamanders when you can at level 75 located ::champ north. Once you're level 80 you should start putting 5 traps up at a time. Continue doing this until you can do black chinchompas at ::chins. Be sure to place 5 traps at a time and continue doing this method until you reach 99
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