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  1. Dope vid man . Huge potential !
  2. Damn what a fire vid. Amazing content, keep up the good work boys. Love to see it.
  3. For future intensive purposes the saying goes “to the t” or “to the tee” not “to a tea” . Good luck and have a great day
  4. Gz on the youtuber rank! Keep up the pog content
  5. @VALENCE logging out on you tho l000l. Cool vid btw
  6. Awesome vid mayne! I think you definitely deserve youtuber rank if you can keep this up. Very good commentator as well Keep up the good work
  7. Cool Raids run! https://discord.gg/5mvd3c7KFv Feel free to check out the Roat Pkz Raids community !
  8. Nah i dont want him to have something to make him think even higher of himself then he already does. I agree tho it'll be cool asf if it is added!
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