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  1. For future intensive purposes the saying goes “to the t” or “to the tee” not “to a tea” . Good luck and have a great day
  2. Gz on the youtuber rank! Keep up the pog content
  3. @VALENCE logging out on you tho l000l. Cool vid btw
  4. Awesome vid mayne! I think you definitely deserve youtuber rank if you can keep this up. Very good commentator as well Keep up the good work
  5. Cool Raids run! https://discord.gg/5mvd3c7KFv Feel free to check out the Roat Pkz Raids community !
  6. Nah i dont want him to have something to make him think even higher of himself then he already does. I agree tho it'll be cool asf if it is added!
  7. Nice vid! I'd suggest a rune pouch (for more inv space), zamorak brew (then drink a sanfew into a super combat), a granite maul (d claws > gmaul > e maul), royal seed pod that has been charged) and holy blessing.
  8. Amazing guide! I know where im reffering people asking for help with Zulrah to!
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