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  1. Amazing update, orange skeleton is my favourite skeleton outfit colour Thanks for event released early Yours sincerely, Ex0tic
  2. Keeping this brief and short. It would be cool if you guys added an option to write stuff about people on your friends list so you don’t forget who they are , etc. It would a small note that you can edit and view anytime by right clicking “view” or something of that standard. yours sincerely, Ex0tic
  3. Not your cuppa tea? Move on. Yours sincerely, Ex0tic
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    Updated and credited , thanks so much ! I think we got them all now, maybe Yours sincerely, Ex0tic
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    Edited and credited, thanks for your wise words sir . Yours sincerely, Ex0tic
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    Updated and credited. Thanks for your contribution Fantastic . yours sincerely, Ex0tic
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    Updated and credited. In my defence , I tried ::gretar , to no success :/. Thanks for the input Fruitiest Yours sincerely, Ex0tic
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    Hey , I noticed not much people know many teleports almost as if they're hidden. This has lead me to creating this thread listing all the teleports I know and editing along the way as I might of missed some. Let's get started: *Disclaimer* Some of these teleports may lead to the same place. Alphabetical Order: ::Agility | Agility training grounds. ::Atmf | Underground Cavern. (Yoobs da king) ::Barrows | Barrows minigame. ::Brid | An isolated home to fight hybridders. ::Chill | Gambling room , where you can choose to chill. ::Chillzone | Gambling room , where you can choose to chill. ::Chill Zone | Gambling room , where you can choose to chill. ::Cleaveland | An underwater , coral reef. ::Clue | Teleports you to Uri at home to assist with clue scrolls. ::Cooking | Teleports you to a nearby hut where the cooking tutor. ::Crafting | Teleports you to crafting tutor. ::Creations | An isolated island. ::Custompets | An exhibit of custom pets for all to view. ::Cw | Castle wars teleport. ::Cz | Teleports you to your clan zone. (clan exclusive) ::Daily | Teleports you to the scoreboard, located at home. ::Dazunit | The park at Falador. (Fruitiest) ::Dice | Gambling room, run North to Dice. (Chef) ::Dragons | Ruined island with a ship docked. ::Donatorzone | Specific to donators only, an area with much benefits(donators only). ::Duel | Teleport to stake dds/whip others. Essentially gambling. ::Dzone | Specific to donators only, an area with much benefits(donators only). ::Firemaking | Teleports you to firemkaing tutor. ::Fishing | Teleports you to fishing tutor. ::Fletching | Teleports you outside the park, run in and go west to find the fletching tutor. ::Fm | Teleport to an Armenian flag landing zone with many accessories; shops, tp, funpk, etc. ::Fp | Flower poker room where you gamble your life away ::Funpk | Teleport to funpk zone, pk without losing items. ::F2p | A free to play zone. ::Gamble | Gambling room. ::Golds | Somewhere in the Kharidian desert with monkey childs running around. (Yooba da king) ::Headcut | Teleport to the letter H helipad with many accessories; shops, tp, funpk, etc. ::Heaven | As the name implies. You're teleporting to heaven. ::Hell | A fire pit resembling religious depictions of hell. ::Home | You tp home. -.- ::Home2 | The original home teleport. ::Kingdark | (Yoobs da king) ::Lms | Last man standing minigame. ::Magebank | Teleports you to Magebank. ::Max | Named after Max mauler, it's his zone made public. Check it out. Many accesories; funpk, shops, portal, bank,etc. ::Maxcape | Teleports you to Mac , whom you can purchase maxcape from. (Fruitiest) ::Mb | Teleports you to Magebank. ::Meth | Risk zone pking. (Fantastic) ::Mining | Teleports you to mining tutor. ::Party | Teleports you to drop party room, where you'll be popping balloons to get great rewards, in the event of a drop party. ::Pker099 | Teleports you to someplace in the Kharidian Desert with a bank, an altar and some other cool things. ::Pvp | A cool pking zone. ::Ray | Similar to ::max , ::ray is named after the player "rayrayray" and it's his zone made public. Lots of cool shops and a cool chill area. ::Recruit | Teleports you to the clan area at home. ::Riskzone | Takes you to a pking zone where everything you equip is lost on death. ::R4ng3purez | Teleports you to a treehouse hideout dedicated to r4ng3purez, ownez killz, pr0 killah, 0 N E HIT, and get tanked. (Yoobs da king) ::Shops | Teleports you to some very handy stores, located near ::home. ::Skilling | A skilling island with spots to train. ::Slayer | Teleports you to Krystilia where you can talk to her to get a slayer task and buy rewards from her store. ::Smackd | Teleport to Smackd's Zone. (Fruitiest) ::Smithing | Teleports you to smithing tutor. ::Stark | Teleports you to Stark, who deals with all things stardust. ::Strip | As the name implies, you're going to a stripclub. ::Stripclub | As the name implies, you're going to a stripclub. ::Tacos | Pretty cool fortress, downstairs is a nice regroup area and have some funpk if you run north, down stairs. ::Thieving | Teleports you to thieving tutor. ::Tournament | Teleports you to tournament portal. (teleport is only available when there's a tournament) ::Tp | Teleports you to trading post. ::Varrock | Teleports you to Varrock wilderness area. (safe zone until you cross over) ::Woodcutting | Teleports you outside of park, go in and run east, talk to the woodsman tutor. ::Youtube | Youtube themed zone. Pretty cool, nothing too special . ::Zamp | Essentially the second drop party room, offers a Roat Pkz Champion to defeat, amazing shops, slayer master, etc. ::Zamp2 | A nice little forest hideout worth exploring. (Yooba da king) ::Zoo | Exhibition of different pets that you can purchase from the donator store. That's all I can recall , I'm sure there's more. Feel free to collaborate with me and jot down some teleports down below and I'll edit them in (yes you'll be credited). I believe this will create a more inclusive environment for everyone to be able to teleport to places instead of so many players being surprised or shocked when you tell them to teleport somewhere. Yours sincerely, Ex0tic
  9. Thanks for the clarification, sir BAZ.
  10. My brother? I don't have one. The context of brother in that sentence was directed to SMACKD's brother.
  11. Thank you, amazing guide, have used may times Yours sincerely, Ex0tic
  12. Nice! A pointer or two from my own personal experience, as I am almost maxed, is, firstly, not to use double xp scroll on any skill with a pet unless you've got the pet. I'll go ahead and list the skills : Agility , gz on 98 btw, 20k xp from 99 Thieving Mining Fishing Woodcutting Firemaking That'd probably be a key advice so you have a higher chance of getting pet without coming back at 99 specifically for a pet , whilst also saving money from double xp scroll. Obviously if you don't want pet you could just use double xp scrolls but I prefer pets Something else I would recommend is to go clan hunting. What I mean by this is to basically go around looking for clans that give that 10% bonus xp for the skill you're currently doing. This is achieved by the ::perks command. Double xp + ring + outfit + 10% = crazy xp. An obvious pointer would be to wear the gear that is assigned to each skill, with the inclusions of the rings ( including slayer rings). For mining stay on coal until you get to runite ore , as this is faster xp. Also for mining , you might like to get an infernal pick axe , I am level 69 smithing and I have never smelted a bar, just from infernal pickaxe! For fishing, just do fly fishing, as this is the fastest xp, forget about anglerfish and dark crabs. ( unless you would like to afk a little). (pm me in game for a safe spot to fish in wilderness ) For firemaking just get yourself a royal seedpod and do it at Varrock. I'll go over my slayer settings just incase you need assistance and i'll also explain why i have these perks, as when I was doing slayer ( still am, level 91 no double xp scroll, started several days ago) I really struggled with this. I've got the following unlocked: Bigger and Badder I've got the following extended: Need more darkness It's dark in here ( up to you if you'd like to do this one, i done it out of ignorance, though there's nothing wrong with doing it , imo a waste of slayer points.) Augment my abbies Bleed Me Dry Get Smashed In relation to the reasoning behind the extension, it's so i have a higher chance of getting a "bigger and badder" version of each monster ( excluding Black demons ) and they give huge xp once killed as well as larran's keys. This sums up most of what I have to offer in regards to how to achieve the most xp , the fastest. Shoot me a pm ing for the fishing location when needed and / or if you need anything else. Goodluck on getting maxed brother!!!<333 Yours sincerely, Ex0tic
  13. Hyped as fuck to see the outcome of this update, great job!
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