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  1. thats suspicious. that was weird.
  2. y'all are just boring then smh
  3. Usually people who are appealing their Bans/Mac-Bans/Etc were RWTers. I'm just suggesting that the threads are not locked or limited to Mods+. A public mock should be allowed for these whores. Let me mock and laugh at these RWters
  4. every server that does an eco-reset generally struggles to keep their community. it's just a hit or miss
  5. content actually worth watching
  6. Great content. 10/10 skills
  7. You didn't win if you came in #3rd dumbass.
  8. Z Sver


    Each bolt has a different purpose and requirement. Dragonstone bolts cannot be used with Rune Crossbows- only Armadyl + Dragon Crossbow. Here's a wiki link that can help you explore the different abilities each bolt has. https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Bolts The best bolts for PvP : Dragonstone Dragon Bolts (e) / Dragonstone Opal Bolts (e) / Dragonstone Diamond Bolts (e) + sometimes Onyx etc. It depends on what you need it for really.
  9. enjoyed the video and music. felt relaxed through it all and didn't get bored. <3<3<3
  10. not planking even though 50% time im shit and the other 50% im just half awake pking
  11. i could see this being useful @::riskzone but other than that, it doesn't need to be a thing. Maybe in riskzone when you're in the fighting area if you could examine someone and it display the risk. That'd be nice
  12. Ratgang quality is still better than PG, no doubt. PG does have some really good members, but I'd watch yourself before they embarrass PG again. The song was absolute shit and hard to listen to. Other than that, decent video.
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