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  1. Ratgang quality is still better than PG, no doubt. PG does have some really good members, but I'd watch yourself before they embarrass PG again. The song was absolute shit and hard to listen to. Other than that, decent video.
  2. y'all have not taken the server by storm. This is the first I've heard of this clan. Drop some bigger names for bigger loot in deepy wildy then say that.
  3. literal demonic gorilla whore
  4. Z Sver


    damn ngl kinda horny now
  5. Z Sver


  6. lmfao destroyed and humiliated plankgang
  7. ever heard of elite void + dbow spec?
  8. sounds like you're shit so you're complaining. get good
  9. it's very likely im a dumbass but i sold 2 justiciar chestguards for 67k e and cant find the pkp each? and im confused but im a dumbass and never claimed it so i'd just like to know where it went ign : roman
  10. Undoubtedly you're correct. I really do not think many players play Roatz for skilling- perhaps other than slayer. So I understand that there is no demand for it currently but it would be nice to see some new things here and there. I understand why Gretar has it off to the side temporarily.
  11. I'm not big into skilling on Roatz but I do agree that we should update skilling to add more variety to it.
  12. Genuinely liked this video compared to a lot of other Roatz videos. It has minimal editing, but I suggest to tone it down a bit but add a bit more of variety with the editing. The content was enjoyable. Not my taste of music but everyone has their own opinion. Left a like (-:
  13. This is a PKing server. PVMing (minus few bosses) is based in the wildy.. The only content they can add is PKing content and have to stay on track with OSRS.
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