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  1. Tbh pre hard to get vet since @Gretar keeps dropping his food on his was to the computer
  2. The click @ 1:10 is the definition of roat. Nice vid tho friend!
  3. Nice vid to listen to, good to see something not toxic for once.
  4. Killbob

    need friend pls a7es

  5. Killbob


  6. What's with all the oxygen icons tho
  7. Nice kills, glad to see you're still funny saying uk rap is slept on
  8. If it's optional I don't see why not
  9. I'd login but then there'd be nobody in edge
  10. why the fuck did you make one picture sideways
  11. 14.5 kd? don't you double claw spec edge pkers in max with elder maul and if it doesn't kill you tab?
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