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  1. Killbob


    I spike to 2k ping a lot too, client also freezes when trying to pk so clicks wont go though actually annoying how often it happens
  2. While this is unlocked I'm going to comment @Xex should too to get his veteran status faster
  3. @ml gudi @Tupac @Animetits @John @Love wings @Salad
  4. Killbob

    I'm Cracked

    aimbot device
  5. Very sad, great soul laid to rest. Depression should never be dealt with alone it's a tough thing to fight and should be noticed by more people unfortunately.
  6. 1 he missed by one, not a true gamer, also no feedback on staff they're all meanies
  7. Called me a fuckin skiller, where the hell is downvote
  8. @Xex @1 slap @ml gudi
  9. @Xex staff are commenting comment too to fit in
  10. this should be in the spam section
  11. lets just promote @3AT 99 ALL and see what happens, can't be worse than it already is also @1 slap
  12. Toss me the n word pass senpai
  13. Killbob


    my bad
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