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  1. my bad g quoting you and fruit separate too but thanks g edit: dawg they fucking merged this shit
  2. Im just getting my post up so I don't lose vet
  3. @Gretar he's hacking, please remove him from the game
  4. I want an eco reset but gretar has stated a few times that the current pkp sinks are enough to balance the eco
  5. Prices of items with how many are ingame are too low with how much pkp is ingame. I would like eco reset but there's items people have donated for which would make it hard to eco reset like customs and just reg items. Lots of charge backs
  6. My anime bodypillow can finally stand on it's own and that's on dedication
  7. Killbob


    I spike to 2k ping a lot too, client also freezes when trying to pk so clicks wont go though actually annoying how often it happens
  8. While this is unlocked I'm going to comment @Xex should too to get his veteran status faster
  9. @ml gudi @Tupac @Animetits @John @Love wings @Salad
  10. Killbob

    I'm Cracked

    aimbot device
  11. Very sad, great soul laid to rest. Depression should never be dealt with alone it's a tough thing to fight and should be noticed by more people unfortunately.
  12. 1 he missed by one, not a true gamer, also no feedback on staff they're all meanies
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