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  1. Killbob

    No Propaganda Str8 Bullying ft "keytracker?"

    And this is only the warning?
  2. Killbob

    I'm the best pker on roatpkz

    How fuckin old is this?
  3. Killbob

    I'm the best pker on roatpkz

    Can I just post 30 kill pics of you?
  4. Killbob

    Recruitment thread

    Pnecks work now? @Tupac
  5. Killbob

    hi smackd here

    @ml gudi
  6. Killbob

    for mahmad6

  7. Killbob

    Woof Woof

    Guess im not the only one who likes Jblind
  8. Killbob

    Staff Feedback - August 2018

    I like Jblind
  9. Killbob

    this actually makes me sad ;-;

    ThIs iS SO sAd AlEXa PlaY DesPaCIto
  10. Killbob

    Donate and win big!

  11. Killbob

    Items Taken From Bank

    They shorted you on pkp, email [email protected], if they don't respond within 10 minutes send another email.
  12. Killbob

    Abyssal Whips

  13. Killbob

    My Music

    Auto tune is too heavy, also the mood doesn't really match the lyrics but if you find a way to fix think you'll be fine