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  1. What the fuck did you use to take the pic on No Warning with?
  2. Of any X song you could of posted you chose this one...
  3. Killbob


    City looks nice but people ghetto as fuck
  4. Killbob


    Excuse you but I do not par-take in this "smoking of weed". Kissimmee ghetto as fuck tho not going there
  5. tf is that invy set up, nice kills tho
  6. wait you only made 60m? poor af
  7. Tbh pre hard to get vet since @Gretar keeps dropping his food on his was to the computer
  8. The click @ 1:10 is the definition of roat. Nice vid tho friend!
  9. Nice vid to listen to, good to see something not toxic for once.
  10. Killbob

    need friend pls a7es

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