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  1. someone died to a team
  2. Z Sver


    arab translation not included?
  3. Z Sver


    idk try remembering your password next time
  4. Z Sver


    where tf have u been
  5. back from the hospital after my seizure srry
  6. i love how roatz youtuber rank goes to anyone and anything
  7. It's a good idea, but Edge PKers will just get ragged. +1
  8. defense level is just higher than normal, nothing else to see here
  9. thats suspicious. that was weird.
  10. Usually people who are appealing their Bans/Mac-Bans/Etc were RWTers. I'm just suggesting that the threads are not locked or limited to Mods+. A public mock should be allowed for these whores. Let me mock and laugh at these RWters
  11. every server that does an eco-reset generally struggles to keep their community. it's just a hit or miss
  12. Each bolt has a different purpose and requirement. Dragonstone bolts cannot be used with Rune Crossbows- only Armadyl + Dragon Crossbow. Here's a wiki link that can help you explore the different abilities each bolt has. https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Bolts The best bolts for PvP : Dragonstone Dragon Bolts (e) / Dragonstone Opal Bolts (e) / Dragonstone Diamond Bolts (e) + sometimes Onyx etc. It depends on what you need it for really.
  13. enjoyed the video and music. felt relaxed through it all and didn't get bored. <3<3<3
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