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  1. Rektttttttttttttttttt
  2. before they gonna start saying its a random check next gyazo https://gyazo.com/0cf7c304fd650eaa2827c328fca52afa
  3. Thanks Boss! Awesome updates on the game keep grinding! When do you pull up in a rarri with all the roatz $$$$$$ @Gretar
  4. @jblind A250 is beautiful mate. A45 is the king of the red light. I almost went for the a45 but some guy near my town was involved in a car crash and died.... Its a beautiful car but dangerous for young fellas like us!
  5. @killbob O damn i only noticed now.. Thanks that u saw that im blind Im planning to leave it like this for now. Maybe in the future stage 2 tune to 500 bhp but thats alot bhp for a 21 years old
  6. the pro pker

    my new toy

    bought this little hot hatchback golf 7 R what a machine!! 310 bhp To my friends on roatz asking to post this on forums here it is: )) ps: dunno if im in the good section
  7. does this mean al items on old client will be lost? I have no problem with it about time that there comes a new client. I wanna tribrid with the ballista so i can kill some weak tribrids on roatz
  8. So i downloaded camtasia i cant edit or anything any tips?
  9. the pro pker


    Hello everyone. I decided to quit OSRS, ROAT pk , and OS- SCAPE because i have no time irl anymore to play any of these games anymore. I've played roatz pk well over 2 years and now the time has come that i am growing up and gonna focus more on real life. I wish everyone the best luck in their lifes and i enjoyed playing this awesome RSPS. GOODBYE<3
  10. @HICK0RY Stop hating on everyones posts. ps: Keep dieng on alts. cu x
  11. @catlover911 wanna see your killpic aswell?
  12. http://imgur.com/a/iUaC1
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