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  1. @genj If you got my IRL send it to @Smackd to send to me on skype/disc? Don't act like im scared reject. @Taylor Wyd bro? Ain't see you on roatz in months. Stay off genjs cock bb, I thought Bilals cock was good enough for you.
  2. HELP PLEASE HELP! I NEED HELP MODERATORS PLEASE. Nice pure! @genj plz dont act like im scared of you. Your entire cc are clueless inbreds. LMAO
  3. @Floyd yeah he DID NOT get demoted for calling people NIGGERS all day when someone talked about him. He should just die mans pure inbred retard. Total idiot. Smackd never sucked Mike off, when Smack got him off his tip he got mad then hopped on stijns dick cause he got scared. It's okay though. Useless staff hangs out with useless players. Smackd only admin on here that actually plays BTW LOL. Stijn is fapping all day at staff zone not helping ingame but helping MAJOR on other parts of the game. And Yoobs was a cancer fuck who didn't do shit. Shoul be glad he actually helps. and yes I suck smacks dick daily incase u want to reply "get off his dick" I like being on his big dick. Faggot
  5. "suck dick on another staff member". That moment when me and Smackd have been mates long before he was staff, and we submitted staff applications together? I like Smackds cock tho it's all I need. I don't like little fuckboy @Mike though. Next time Please tag me @G G Godlike dont be a pussy and post it without tagging me.
  6. Mike is the one SS that does the least. Killbob/Suor are tied for the best SERVER SUPPORT. Mike SHOULD NOT BE IN THIS POSITION. WE have KING MOD JBLIND. KING ADMINS LEGEND AND SMACKD. We got rid of cancer bitchboy Yoobs but now we need to get rid of cancer bitchboy Mike. Everyone let us rejoice and come together in unity and vote for DEMOTION. - Toxicality Selling Blowjobs and Handjobs PM me whenever INGAME (rates can be negotiated)
  7. Na. Look at the post in genreal discussion called Elizathepat @sophia
  8. He did the same thing to eliza, look at the post called elizathepat
  9. Normally I wouldn't do this, but considering you called me a 'dumb fucking retard arab' and said 'your best friend is a bomb' I don't feel bad. Thanks for the 1m man, karma catches up to all of us. Cba posting pics cause I dont take any. Glad 2 post stake spoils if your gonna take the lying route. Oh yeah, Allegiance for SS? don't chat shit to Eliza then plank to me in your own dh game that you think your so good at. @elizathepat @Allegiance
  10. Lul. @Khalil you camp Ballista 24/7 in nh and when you do brid you tab second ur hp hits 50. Not dick riding anyone, considering me and arun ragged ea other for an entire summer b4 smackd was even a ss, don't think you played back then (incoming random reply), but @Xbrzh would rape you in brid with match gear
  11. Came back to game October 30 (3 days ago) and I had no items. No rune pouch\d defender\etc. NOTHING. I was trolling and yelled, "give me donations at ::cw". @Smackd gave me 2 dharok sets cus hes my baby <3 and I risk fought up to 150k-ish, went duel and yeah. Explains itself. #CU Raby4life http://prnt.sc/d1yant @Taco Man <#KING #TRUSTTACO
  12. Agree Agree Agree with EVERY SINGLE THING with the except of one thing max cape (IF ADDED INGAME) Should require all 99s' ingame to wear ASWELL as 5,000+ or 7,500+ Kills INGAME ON ONE ACCOUNT to wear. If added it would really ruin the point of pker's cape and donor capes; so adding the kills req would make the wilderness WAY more active and it would really be a more sought after item to have in the game; as only loyal players to the game would have the ability to wear it.
  13. Poll the following: MAX CAPE FOR A HUGE KILL COUNT: it'll show the player has loyalty to the server Wilderness Bosses - Bring PVMERS to the game and give meaning to going deep wilderness Abyssal Dagger (Start developing it as alot of servers have it) Give Super Donators AUTOKEEP on untradeable items (meaning they don't have to run back in wild for their untradeables) Korasi - <---JK L0L dont ever add that ***EDIT: If you're planning on polling the removal of Spirit Shields, turn every DIVINE into an ELYSIAN (some people spent all their hardearned money on them) and make arcane/spectral drops by a new wild boss or add in corp
  14. replace rocktails and add in dark crabs or anglerfish!
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