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  1. Your family is from Africa/Bangladesh not sure what 1, your a slave I'm born and bread in U.K. white through and through You should be cleaning my shoes not playing games
  2. Was you ever in our chat? No... meaning you were never in g unit
  3. Freak irl for shure I can't say what I'd do to you on here coz you'd try and get me banned so know your self licle man
  4. Lol you know you can't compete with us man
  5. L000000l and that not Evan half the kills Looooool you are a little weirdo you got blue dragon ip banned because you and the rest can't compete
  6. And you are a little faggot check the scores pussy boyy ^^^^^^^^
  7. *why do you suck his cock do much l0l* why do you suck smokeys cock to much l0l
  8. l000000000000l as if that's key he would never die to you Check the cc chat l0000l little pussys
  9. You were never in the clan looool
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