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  1. Shado

    team nexus lol

    You're also a random lmao
  2. Shado

    team nexus lol

    Had a spare 5 mins
  3. Shado

    team nexus lol

    my first fight after weeks of being away lol
  4. Shado

    Meridians core member dead

    Good vid
  5. Shado

    hey keytracker

    Miss u buddy
  6. Shado

    Pk Vid 1

    Yh homer Simpson is a lot better
  7. Shado

    Pk Vid 1

    Balistik - Who's next link is in description of song
  8. Shado

    #BP Now Recruiting

    Seems a bit familiar *cough renegades cough*
  9. You got a 11y/o to spy, hit us when we're vulnerable and low on food and still got no kills you call yourselves a team. P.S. please stop getting redbarred while focusing then editing it out xx
  10. Shado

    Goofs exposed

    Another L for goofs lmao
  11. Shado


    You're so bored
  12. Shado

    Destruction Of Bustdown

    My favourite part is when he says "BD members caught lacking", clearly doesn't know what that means lmfao
  13. Shado

    Destruction Of Bustdown

    Fake news, we're still up.
  14. Shado

    Buying Heavy Ballista

    Fair enough