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  1. Woops meant to put this in game feedback not forum feedback
  2. TFW your suggestion isnt taken seriously. can we at least get a guy who decants potions for us. plskthx
  3. I cbf to do it again, doing it on osrs was aids enough.
  4. im gunna call my mom and tell her about this.
  5. Probably a super unpopular opinion but I prefer'd Roat when literally everything was spawnable, I don't play private servers to grind for cash/skills etc, thats what OSRS is for.
  6. Back to roat, playing os-scape for 2 days was shit.
  7. unbg

    Custom Yell Tag

    143PKP for any, plskthx
  8. Aye bruh lemme get a cut.
  9. Nah, and if King Lee is your ign name I have a better kda than you anyway. I was just making a joke at the end.
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