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  1. Both of you can visit the link in my signature. Not sure if you're trolling or not, but regardless
  2. Gotcha. I understand. Thanks guys
  3. ::resetkdr back to 0 kills and 0 deaths. I don’t see who it would hurt
  4. heck no i get tired of ::edgepvp its so boring to me.
  5. you know how quickly he can code that guy to be there? takes 2 secs and saves ppl a heck load of time.
  6. LOL "1K+" boyifyoudontgetcho... I support making it a pk item but no where near 1k. it should be like 200+
  7. lol I slap on oss but it gets boring quick. Ign depmac OT: Smokes cool sometimes.. Kind of upset he thinks hes better than me but hey.... what can ya do.
  8. add the PKP slayer master guy @ ::brid.. sometimes it gets annoying teleing back and forth from ::brid when hes in the most random places like ::dragons. lol.
  9. well i think it should become like regular wild now that ragging is illegal.
  10. Okay I've been trying to get this cancer, minigame looking place out since it was created.. But now there's even better cases to be made. #1. Ragging is now illegal. ::brid came because people got tired of all the raggers @ easts(easts used to be hybrid area in 2013-15), so ::brid was created to stop rags. then people didn't like ::brid, so Gretar created ::wests which was a complete failure for simple reasons.. Wests was a failure because it was in wild, yet you cannot use overheads. so if someone gets tbed at wests its harder to tank it. Also, it was basically a remake of ::brid the only difference was it was in actual wilderness. I think wests is gr8 if overheads are usable, because ragging is illegal, people will get reported and ban hammer'd for trying to run brids offline. #2. It allows people to think more about team/deep lvl pking.. People go hiding when there's a perfect area to hide(::brid), until nobody's online so they can bring crappy team out *cough* lavish *cough*.. to pile 1-2 people with there 7+ teams. If we put a lot of ppl in wild teams will form I'm sure of it. #3. Gmaul.....is not usable at ::brid.. ::brid is cancer and it looks like a minigame. BRING WILD BACK TO ROATPKZ!
  11. I agree as well, but I've suggested that sooo many times, nobody listens. tbh if ragging is illegal now, they should just make hybrid area ::east again, or make overheads usable @ wests, cus if tbed in wests how u gonna tank without overheads? since ragging is illegal now, might as well remove ::brid
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