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  1. abuser tb is a gunit member, my friend told me rip renegades, spartans is legit the only clan in the wildy good kills gorillas and bad luck on dat rng
  2. i won this one for killing him at ::easts here is the kill pic
  3. holy fucking shit, gz on rb but where my split @
  4. Yau

    this is too good

    @Tupac wat u think
  5. Infernal cape hasn't been added, the donator capes all look the same as fire capes and Gretar didn't give us any of the new items to test.
  6. That Video Made Me Rethink MY Life And How Greed Is Destroying Our Souls
  7. this video bought tears to my eyes i cant believe the roatpkz community is that greedy...........
  8. smackd is best @Smackd he gave me 10m pkp
  9. Yau


    wtf man Bye Raja you will Still be king of Roatpkz!
  10. happy birthday @raja kredre you're the bestt
  11. ::champ looks way better ::gorillas resizeable looks nice but no point of it ::risk looks weird xp drops are the same new fire max cape (from jad) something NEVER yelled before
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