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  1. Don’t take shit from anyone don’t play in game but from what I see on the forums they go through a lot dealing with the utter idodiocy on this forum. Truly professional. Dont know the rest to comment
  2. Persona, Genj, Hatxc and It’s Gorilla All have a lot to say but I don’t play much anymore are they of any importance? Just wondering since they quote everything I say @genj @Persona @Hatcx @Its Gorillas
  3. Since when did Roatz have a resizable mode
  4. Wasn’t wrong about you being pretty dumb.
  5. Nice video brother, I think you should PK in fixed mode however.
  6. Glad i’m not the only one who agrees then.
  7. Post your own content, oh wait you just cheerlead.
  8. Doesn’t really matter I don’t know you keep to yourself. Who are you exactly? Probably new gen lol. Did not ask for your point, I don’t care for your point, I don’t know you stop quoting me, you’re trying too hard to get my attention and getting the acceptance of pkmafia8, if you want attention that bad just tell me I’ll give it to you :). Anyways done replying to you lot with the IQ of a pebble.
  9. Don’t know you & that wasn’t funny to be honest, you sure you didn’t want people to laugh to make you feel good buddy?
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