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  1. Not sure what shop/how much it should cost, but the volatile nightmare staff is an amazingly fun weapon. Also ADD THE SMOKE BATTLESTAFF EFFECT PLEASE? It's been broken for so long. I just want my staves...
  2. Cmon, it's been a year. It's supported. Any more info on when it can be added?
  3. Just left and rejoined the game a month later, any hope yet?
  4. The smoke battlestaff should have the graphics fixed (it's currently broken) and should have it's 10% accuracy/damage included. Not sure if it should cost pkp but it should be obtainable and with the OSRS bonus. It would add a some benefits to tb pking, especially solo, and I don't see why it shouldn't be added Thanks for your time!
  5. Is there really no option to disable left-click attack for players? Should really be added along with the lever fixed. You might've got a tele in if there was such thing as you could have spammed instead of timing a right click for the lever.
  6. Not sure how it'd work, maybe in the bounty hunter shop for X amount of points, even dropped/destroyed for some pkp/nothing on death. Plenty of servers implemented a looting bag already and I'm sure wildy pvm could use it! Though since places like revs have a variety of drops which could be utilizing a looting bag to save a TON of inventory space (saving a few brew slots), I'd imagine the bag has to be slightly more expensive as they could also use it to save around 6 inventory slots, which could in turn be replaced with brews to increase your chances of living very greatly when being pked. This same reason applies for people pking in expensive gear, as they could also use the looting bag to save a ton of inventory space when pking. I'd like to see the looting bag added, but for the reasons above I think it needs to be slightly expensive and break on death. These are just my suggestions though. Thanks!
  7. I've never PKed 1def but I can see how this can be a problem. Agree if something was to be done.
  8. I agree with the tentacle, I think it should be in shop (for literally any price, I don't care) and have charges, but a completely untradeable whip would be a disaster. The rapier costs 15k BHP, and is the only item who's price is literally purchasable for under it's BHP price. The rapier's price is already extremely low, and a completely untradeable whip would seriously diminish its price even lower. A whip in store is a good idea, the untradable part is a nightmare for the economy and for players money and weapon wise.
  9. I said "Of course time varies", but still: I got the best gear I could get a hold of, and even if using an infernal cape takes a whole HOUR off, which it wouldn't, 10.5 hours for 9k vs 18 minutes for 2k is still a very big difference. Also, if you had an infernal cape, which is 250k, why would you waste your time doing a horrible boss which gives 9k in 10.5 hours when you could literally flip things like dclaws, emauls for 9k instantly (or like 10-15 minutes) with that money. People with infernal capes still may kill those bosses, but even with literally max gear it is not even close to efficient, especially since literally max gear costs so much money meaning the player has some kind of funding to make money another way.
  10. Kinda late, but nice guide! Not much to it so I might just try it for the first time.
  11. Lets face it - the ways of making money on this server is extremely boring and inefficient. Revs drop barely anything, then when they do its pieces of armor or weapons no one really wants. Things like the donator zone have absolutely horrid monsters to kill for loot. There are other bosses, but none have a fun or worthwhile factor attached to killing them. I recommend a new raids which a team of people could complete for new rewards, or maybe some of the new items recently added to Roat Pkz, like the rapier or scythe. Items previously not added like the Zamorakian Hasta could also be introduced this way. It could also require lots of high-teir gear and skill to make sure a smaller amount of these items go into the economy, making sure that the new item's price will be stable or high instead of dirt cheap. I think this would be a very fun and beneficial way to make money and/or introduce new items to the game. Also, please add the new rapier animation ;D EDIT: To prove how inefficient most of the monsters are, I actually did the math. Lets start with donor monsters. I went to dz and killed the archer. With basically MAX STRENGTH gear as shown in the attached image, it took me 1 minute and 25 seconds to kill USING a dwarhammer spec to lower defense to kill faster. With the drop table, there is a 1 out of 127.5 chance to get 1k pkp, and a 1/532 chance to get lucky and hit a 5k pkp item (which are only worth 4k anyway) With this math, if I was to kill this monster 532 times, I would get around 4 types of 1k gear and 1 5k item. This would all take 11.5 hours of killing the monster (assuming there are absolutely NO breaks to bank or respawn) for a reward of around 9k. To show how little this is, I literally stood at home and bought AGS's for 4000. I then sold them for 4400. I did this around 5 times. This took me around 18 minutes to complete while watching netflix 90% afk. I made 400 each 5 times, which landed me with 2k. Why would anyone (unless you dont really have the money) want to waste time actively killing monsters, banking, drinking pots, etc. for 9k in 11 HOURS, when they can literally flip an AGS (which is really dumb and I stopped doing it right after) for 2k every 18 minutes. Of course time varies, there are different monsters to kill, and people might not be able to afford an AGS to flip, but this is just one example. The monsters are pretty bad to kill and with the addition of raids it will for sure make them efficient again. I know this might be hard to add to the game, as a whole raids system is hard to code, but private servers have already started doing it, like Aurora. Even if there aren't enough devs or people like @Gretar simply dont want to code/do it, please just remake the drop tables and/or monsters in the server to make them even slightly more efficient. Please dont make me flip AGS's again ;c
  12. Great video! Actually watched the entire thing regardless of giveaway.
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