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  1. oml that glitch is back lol hasnt happened to me in about a year
  2. i did eat but ping hhh happens alot starting to give up on roat bak to 07
  3. i thought vls needed to be buffed used it prob 5 games spec never really hits javs are kanker though
  4. agree with all except ::gwd if your tanking there ppl can just tele up spec trade repeat
  5. @JBLIND clueless? youve been a roat player your whole life you wouldnt know how combats meant to be def bonus means fuck all its fine for nhing cus u have prayers but hybriddings completely fucked
  6. if you think the combat on this game is fine somethings wrong with you, go hybrid and test it out for yourself. constant 120 stacks, splashing on melee armour, 0s on robes, 40s on tank, it makes no sense and it needs to be worked on. there should be a cap for wild keys tho
  7. rng pker all i see is 80+ specs
  8. ur ez jbland i make u tab everytime !
  9. it wasnt meant for editing i just wanted to show him something
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